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Business Directories and Registers

Genealogists search many records to find information on their ancestors. Because they are not as easily accessible, business directories and registers are often overlooked. Google Books has made it easier to locate these records.  The following information on lawyers comes from  Lawyers' Record and Official Register of the United States, 1872.

Caldwell County
Allen, Cornelius T., admitted August in Lunenburg County, VA.
Bradley, Collis D. , no information
Calvert, Wm. H., admitted 1841 at Princeton, Ky. Has been member of Legislature
Darley, Frank W., admitted 1865 at Princeton. Has been County Judge and State Senator
Darby, Patrick, admitted 1865 at Princeton
Duvall, George W., admitted 1865, Lewis County, Va. Has been member of Legislature
Gray, C.T., no information
Hewlett, Jas. R., admitted June 1859, Princeton. Is now District Attorney. Has been member of Legislature
McGoodwin, W.P., no information
Marble, S. & Son:  Marble, Sumner, admitted 1841, Henry County, Ky. Has been member of Legislature.  Marble, Wm., admitted 1868, Princeton.
Morrow, Thomas J., admitted Sept 1868, Princeton. Has been Judge City Court. Is now County Attorney.
Pepper, L., no information
Turner, J.N., no information

Crittenden County
Bigham, James W., no information
Black, Nathan R., no information
Blue, John W., admitted March 1853, Morganfield, Ky. Has been member of Legislature
Finley, John R., admitted May 1868 at Marion, Ky. Is now County Attorney
Haynes, Robt. F., no information
Hodge, Singleton, admitted May 1863, Marion Ky. Has been County Attorney, Clerk Circuit Court, Master in Chancery
Nunn, Thos. J., admitted 7 Dec 1863, Marion, Ky
Wood, Americus V., admitted 6 Feb 1865, Cadiz, Ky. Has been Police Judge

Livingston County
Bigham, H.H., no information
Bush & Bush:  Bush, Jno. W., admitted 1858, Eddyville, Ky. Bush, R.R. Jr., admitted Feb 1867, Smithland, Ky.
Greer, Wm. D., admitted 1855, Smithland, Ky
Hodge, James C., admitted 1864, Smithland, Ky
Murray, Jno. L., admitted Aug 1871, Smithland, Ky

Lyon County
Cassidy, Daniel B., admitted Sept 1856, Smithland, Ky
Husbands, James G., admitted 10 Aug 1868, Paducah, Ky. Is now County Attorney
Skinner, Fred H., admitted 1855, Eddyville, Ky. Has been Judge County Court
Watkins, T.J., no information
Wilson, Finis A., admitted 1859, Princeton, Ky. Has been County Attorney. Is now member of Legislature

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