Thursday, November 8, 2012

Heirs of David and Mary Scott of Caldwell County

I came across a document recently that might be of interest to you. It was found in a box marked Miscellaneous Bonds in the Caldwell County Clerk's Office, Princeton, Kentucky. It is undated, but the David Scott, mentioned in these papers, died before 6 January 1835, when his property was produced by Robert Scott, administrator, and appraised by Elijah G. Galusha and William Jenkins. Among the buyers at the estate sale were Samuel Scott, James Scott, Nancy Scott, Betsy Scott and Mary Scott. The appraisal and sale of David Scott's estate can be found in Caldwell County Inventory, Appraisement and Sale Book C (1831-1837), pages 271-272.

"Know all men ... we the undersigned children and heirs of David Scott deceased being all of full and mature age having agreed amongst ourselves to divide the landed estate of sd. David Scott into Eight equal shares, one of which to belong to each heir, and to sell the slaves belonging to the estate of Mary Scott deceased and divide the proceeds into eight equal parts ... Now therefore in order that all of sd. heirs may be held equally responsible in the event of Saml. Scott, our Brother (supposed to be dead) ever returning and applying for his portion of sd. estate or application being legally made for his interest in case he is living or if dead having left other heirs than ourselves - We do each and all agree and bind ourselves to pay Saml. or his duly authorised agent or heir equal amount to constitute the whole sum to which he may be entitled ... [signed] James Scott, Robert M. Scott, William Scott, Mary Scott, Airalie[?] C. Scott, John J. Scott, Elisazabeth Scott. Attest: C.F. Bigham."

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Penee said...

I am related to Nancy Scott,she eloped with John Solomon Stout and was disowned by her
father, David. I am looking for Davids line and more information about his children. Nancy Catherine Stout my gggrandmother. She was a daughter to Nancy Scott Stout. Nancy Catherine married Alexander Bowling Kincheloe, and his son Arthur S. Kincheloe is my grandfather. My mother is Dorothy Kincheloe Hendrix-Still Living at 86. I am thrilled to have found your blog.

Brenda Joyce Jerome said...

Thank you for the additional information. Also, thank you for the comment on my blog.