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News From Morganfield 1914

Even though Union County newspapers are not available before 1924, we can view some of the activities in that county by reading newspapers in adjoining counties. The following items appear under the title, Items From Morganfield, in the 18 January 1914 issue of the Henderson Gleaner. These items originally appeared in the Morganfield Sun.

Mrs. Fannie B. Connell left for her home in Paducah Wednesday after spending a few days with her sister, Mrs. S.V. Sale, in Henderson and Mr. J.L. Sale of this city.

Mrs. S.V. Sale returned to her home in Henderson after spending a few days with her sons, Messrs. James Lee and Arthur Sale of this city.

Miss Della Newman of near Boxville is quite sick. A trained nurse has been called.

Mrs. Maggie Berry and Mrs. W.M. Wright will leave on the 19th for an extended visit to Mrs. Henry W. Tyler of East Haddon, Conn.

Mrs. Lou Gip Brown returned Tuesday from Nashville, where she has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. George Clark.

Miss Matilda Young, our resident trained nurse, has been called to the bedside of Mrs. Berry Conway, who is ill with pneumonia.

Mrs. John Wall left Monday for Evansville, where she will visit her daughter, Mrs. Noel Harris, for several days, leaving Tuesday for an extended visit to Mrs. Hugo Phillips in Texas.

Mr. S.E. Haynes, years ago a resident of Morganfield, and son, Mr. Jack Haynes, of Wichita, Kan., are spending the week here.

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