Thursday, March 21, 2013

Emancipation of Slaves

Slaves in Kentucky were set free from servitude through petition to the county court or by the last will and testament of the slave owner.  The document below shows that Isaac S. Coffield chose to free two slaves through a petition to the county court. This document was found in Box 5 of the Livingston County, Kentucky County Court Clerk's Papers.  It reads as follows:

"I Isaac Coffield do hereby emancipate and set from [sic] my two negroes slaves, To wit, Dick & his wife Cloe to be from thence foreward under their own free will and controul  given under my hand this 20th day of July 1818.   [signed] Isaac S. Coffield."

Isaac Coffield lived in the part of Livingston County that became Crittenden County in 1842. He died testate in 1843. It is curious that he freed two slaves in 1818, but when he died, almost 20 slaves were listed in his estate inventory.

Published 21 Mar 2013 on Western Kentucky Genealogy Blog,

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