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Jonathan Kilgore vs Jane Kilgore 1818

The following circuit court case file of Jonathan Kilgore vs Jane Kilgore 1818 can be found in Glenn Martin Genealogy Library, Princeton, Caldwell County, Kentucky.

"We your undersigned petitioners represent ... that Benjamin Kilgore deceased on the 22nd of March 1802 made his last will and testament which is duly recorded in the Clerks office in Livingston County by which among other things, he ordered that one of your petitioners Jonathan Kilgore be schooled so long as will enable him to read write and cyphir well as far as the rule of three at the expence of his estate which was of a large amount to wit, of the amount of $4000, after satisfying all the just debts of sd. decedent. And we further represent ... that Jonathan Kilgore has not received any or very little schooling ... although he hath since arrived to the age of 21, married and petitioners being doubtful whether Jonathan Kilgore is entitled to an allowance out of sd. estate for sd. schooling & to settle and amicably adjust sd. difference between your petitioners Jonathan Kilgore and Jane Kilgore acting Executrix of the last will & testament of sd. decedent ... and to save sd. Executrix harmless ... we pray that your Honor that you would appoint referees to settle and adjust sd. difference ... and do all other things concerning sd. differences which may seem just and equitable... [signed] Jonathan Kilgore.

"Arthur H. Davis, William Wadlington and Reuben Rowland, arbitrators appointed by the Judge of Caldwell Circuit Court at the June Term 1818 to settle all matters in dispute between Jane Kilgore executrix of Benjn. Kilgore dec'd and Jonathan Kilgore, one of the legatees of sd. decedent ... give the following opinion ... it would require two years for a boy of ordinary Capacity to learn at the country schools in a new county to read and write and cypher well to the rule of three - expences for same $16.00; for two years boarding $50 pr year $100; washing &c; the lapse of time $14. Total $130. Therefore we give it as our opinion that sd. Jane pay Jonathan the sum of $130. [signed] 9 Sept. 1818. A.H. Davis, Wm. Wadlington, Reuben Rowland."

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