Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bits and Pieces Add Up ... Marene Dannell

In 1998, while I was publishing The Western Kentucky Journal, a lady from Arizona called me and offered to share a family record from the Wheeler and Dannell Bible she owned.  Among the entries in the Bible record are the following: "Charles Mareene Levingston Dannell was born 26th Febr. 1817. Charles Mareen L. Dannell died the 24 of Sept. 1860."

In Livingston County Deed Book 3, page 485 (1 September 1857) there is a deed whereby Marene Dannell conveyed to Horace Dean a 12 foot by 20 feet parcel of land for a burying ground for Dean and family. It is the same lot where Dean's father is now buried and is part of the grave yard or burying ground on Dannell's land and situated on the west side of the road leading from Smithland to Salem and about two miles from Jos. Watts's ferry.  Livingston County, Kentucky Cemeteries 1738-1976, published in 1977 by the Livingston County Homemaker Clubs, lists a Dean-Dannell Cemetery. Neither Horace Dean nor Marene Dannell is listed.

Recently I came across two newspaper articles that provide just a bit more information on Mareen Dannell. The first one comes from the Cincinnati Daily Gazette of Thursday, 24 June 1869, accessed 6 March 2013 on GenealogyBank. It discusses the decline in river traffic between Cincinnati and St. Louis and mentions some rivermen. About Dannell, it states: "Marine Dannell was a thorough boatman; he is buried at Smithland, Ky."

The second article is found in the Evansville Courier & Press on Sunday, 21 December 1896. It is an obituary for Mrs. Sarah E. Daniel [sic], "who died yesterday ... at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. John H. Moore, 200 Mary street [Evansville]." It tells of her last illness and names the other survivors and also states this: "Mrs. Daniel was born at Charleston, W. Va. July 4, 1824. She was married January 15, 1842 to Captain Maurice [sic] Daniel, of Smithland, Ky., a well known steamboatman in those day, at which place they made their home until his death in 1860, after which she moved to Evansville."  Sarah is buried at Oak Hill Cemetery in Evansville.

I feel certain that Marene/Mareen Dannell died in 1860 and it may very well be that he is buried in the Dean-Dannell Cemetery near Smithland.

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Barbara C. Johnson said...

I'm glad to find this information about my great great grandparents, Charles Marine & Sara Elizabeth Dannell. I'm descended through Genoa Dannell Holmes (born in Smithland ... her husband was also a river engineer), her daughter Nellie DeBruler Holmes Moorman (born in Evansville), and my mother Ruth Moorman Johnson.
I would love to have contact with the lady in Arizona with the Wheeler & Dannell bible! I'm very interested in learning about the Wheeler family ... Charles Marine was the son of Opha Wheeler Dannell, born in Vermont, where I am living now. How did she get to Smithland??
Do you have any information about a DeBruler family connection (wondering source of my grandmother Nellie's middle name)?
Many connections with both sides of the Ohio river throughout my ancestry.....

Brenda Joyce Jerome said...

The lady who shared the Bible record would be very elderly if she is even living now. If you will contact me at I will share what I have.

I have no information on a DeBruler family.

Quite a few of the Smithland steamboat families later moved to Evansville.

Thanks for contacting me.