Saturday, April 13, 2013

Runaway Horse

Sometimes we forget that it has been but one century since automobiles became part of our daily lives. Prior to that, a horse and buggy provided our transportation. As an illustration of what happens when the past meets the future, the following article from the 24 April 1910 issue of the Henderson Daily Gleaner is presented.

Sebree, Ky., April 23 - What promised to be a serious affair occurred here Thursday when a horse driven by Mrs. W.L. Royster, of near town, became frightened at an automobile driven, as we understand, by Morgan & Heaton, of Henderson, broke loose and ran, completely demolishing both buggy and harness. The horse was finally caught by Mr. Barney Crow, stripped of everything but one strap, and led back to the scene of the wreck.

Dr. Duval, one of our leading physicians, was in the car with the above named gentlemen and knowing the horse, which is a valuable one, and seeing he was frightened, requested the driver to stop, telling him the horse would run, but from some cause he refused and never slowed up until after the horse had broken loose, ran off, and completely wrecked the buggy. The horse was securely hitched to a telephone post, also Mrs. Royster was holding him with both hands. In the excitement of the moment, the lady was supposed not injured, but after reaching home found she had received a fractured or sprained knee from which she is suffering at present. Much excitement prevailed for a time.

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