Thursday, May 9, 2013

Remarkably Ugly and Ill-Natured ...

Jesse Daugherty and Mary Dodd, both of the county, married 26 December 1816 in Livingston County, Kentucky. I believe this falls into the category of an unhappy marriage.  It first appeared in the Kentucky Reporter and later appeared in The Literary Panorama and National Register of 1819. It was accessed through Google Books in 2012.

"Take Notice,
And beware of the swindler Jesse Dogherty, who married me in November last, and some time after marriage informed me that he had another wife alive, and before recovered, the villain left me, and took one of my best horses - one of my neighbours was so good as to follow him and take the horse from him, and bring him back. The said Dogherty is about forty years of age, five feet ten inches high, round shouldered, thick lips, complexion and hair dark, grey eyes, remarkably ugly, and ill-natured, and very fond of ardent spirits, and by profession a notorious liar. This is therefore to warn all widows to beware of the swindler, as all he wants is their property, and they may go to the devil for him after he gets that. -- The said Dogherty has a number of wives living, perhaps eight or ten (the number not positively known,) and will, no doubt, if he can get them, have eight or ten more. I believe that is the way he makes his living. -- Mary Dodd, Livingston County, Ky., Sept. 5, 1817."

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