Thursday, May 8, 2014

First Table

Recently an older cousin mentioned the phrase, "First Table," when talking about dinner table seating for groups, including large families. The phrase brought back some long-forgotten memories from my childhood. "First Table" refers to the practice of men and older boys eating first when there is not enough room for everyone to sit around the table together. Women and children ate at a later seating.  As a girl and especially as a child, I was always relegated to the second or third seating. It may not have been politically correct, but that is the way it was and it was not questioned. Was this a Kentucky custom or was this common in other parts of the United States?

Below is a photo from the early 1950s showing my grandfather, Herman R. Croft; Uncle "Buck" Sefrit; my father, John M. Joyce; Uncle Oakley Croft and my older brother, John Paul Joyce,  eating at  the First Table in Livingston County, Kentucky.

Published 8 May 2014, Western Kentucky Genealogy Blog,

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