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Crittenden County Estate Administrators 1881

The following terms were commonly used in settling estates in Kentucky. Being familiar with these terms might provide clues for further research.

Administrators of estate were usually appointed in county court shortly after a person's death. The appointment will be recorded in the county court minutes and sometimes in a separate administrator's bond book. The administrator was required to post bond with at least one person as surety for the faithful performance of his duties as administrator. If a person left a valid will, he usually named an executor, whose duties were the same as those of an administrator - to see that debts owed were paid, debts due the decedent collected and the remainder dispersed to the heirs. The appointment of an executor will also be recorded in the county court minutes when the will was presented in court shortly.

A curator was appointed as temporary guardian or conservator by the court to care for the property or person of an incompetent, spendthrift or a minor. A curator might also be appointed as conservator of an estate if a will had been contested. If a will was contested, be sure to check circuit court records.

An administrator de bonis non was appointed by county court to administer on the effects of a decedent which had not been included in a former administration.

The following records have been abstracted from Crittenden County, Kentucky Administrator's Bond Book 1876-1884.

W.J. LaRue appointed administrator of the estate of John M. Lear.  10 January 1881

Stephen Riley appointed administrator of the estate of W.H. Kemper.  12 January 1881

J.L. Boon and H.S. Hill appointed to administer on the estate of Arch Allen.  14 February 1881

Mrs. L.P. Duvall appointed administrator of the estate of J.M. Duvall.  7 March 1881

J.G. Barnes appointed administrator of B.W. Barnes' estate.  4 April 1881

R.N. Walker appointed administrator of estate of R.A. Gettings.  11 April 1881

J.L. Riley appointed administrator of Wm. Belt's estate.  25 April 1881

A.H. Cardin appointed administrator of P.M. Cardin's estate.  11 May 1881

Chesley Nunn appointed administrator of Wm. Straker's estate.  20 May 1881

M.A. Hardesty appointed administrator of W.T. Hardesty's estate.  21 May 1881

Aaron Towery appointed administrator de bonis non of John Mitchell's estate.  13 June 1881

J.A. Gray appointed administrator of Shemi Watson's estate.  8 August 1881

J.R. Finley appointed administrator of R.J. French's estate.  31 August 1881

J.P. Pierce appointed administrator of Mrs. Julia A. Koon's estate.  31 August 1881

G.L. Boaz appointed administrator of the estate of Susan Boaz.  12 September 1881

W.T. Pickens appointed administrator of J.B. Pickens' estate.  26 September 1881

S.H. Watson appointed administrator of Saml. M. Watson's estate.  28 October 1881

J.P. Pierce appointed administrator of N.R. Black's estate.  14 November 1881

J.P. Pierce appointed curator of Joseph Anderson's estate.  14 November 1881

R.S. Thurmond appointed administrator of W.R. Thurmond's estate.  5 December 1881

Alex Woody appointed administrator de bonis non of Joseph Kemp's estate.  12 December 1881

E.C. Flanary appointed administrator of Saml. E. Bracey's estate.  21 December 1881

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