Thursday, October 16, 2014

He Married the Girl Who Brought the Eggs

A romance may not be uncommon, but if it appears in the newspaper, it takes on special significance. That is true of the courtship and marriage of a young couple from Weston, Crittenden County, Kentucky. The merchant and his prospective bride traveled to Evansville, Indiana, where the events surrounding their marriage appeared in the 17 February 1910 issue of the Evansville Courier.

"A romance that began when Miss Hattie Hughes, the daughter of a prominent farmer of Weston, Ky. went to the country grocery store and bartered the eggs and produce of the farm for groceries, had its culmination yesterday evening when Clarence W. Grady, the lad behind the counter, and Miss Hughes were married at the parsonage of Rev. Charles A. Miller, pastor of the German M.E. church at Fourth and Vine streets [Evansville].

"Since the first time the girl visited the store, things went well with Grady and he became the proprietor. Yesterday the couple arrived here and after securing the license hastened to the parsonage where the ceremony was performed. They left last night for their home at Weston, Ky., where during the rush the girl will now act as clerk and help in making the exchanges of groceries for farm products."

The marriage of Clarence W. Grady and Miss Hattie Hughes is recorded in Vanderburgh County, Indiana Marriage Vol. 40, page 159. Grady was born 5 December 1885 Weston. He was the son of Robert N. Grady, who was born in Virginia, and Margaret Eberle, deceased.  Hattie Hughes was born 30 January 1889 Crittenden County. She was the daughter of George Hughes and Alice Williams, both of whom lived in Weston. Mattie Robinson deposed that she had personal knowledge of the facts above.

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It's exciting to find so much detail in a newspaper article. Congrats to you and congratulations to the happy couple!

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