Sunday, January 25, 2015

Aunt Allie's Album

A friend recently purchased an old photograph album at an antique store in Trigg County, Kentucky.  The photographs are primarily of the Cherry family, but other surnames are also mentioned. Some of the people appear to be connected to Bowling Green, Hartford  and Butler County, Kentucky.

Written inside the album is "Aunt Allie's Album." It was the property of Mrs. Allie Cherry Boulton, born Sept. 14, 1877 and died May 29, 1927.

Other photos are of the following people:    Grave of Uncle Elzie, brother of Alma Neel Murray;  Eunice Cherry;  Uncle Lon & Aunt Zimru Neel, parents of Elzie, Will, Alma and Bubby Neel, parents-in-law of Allie Cherry Neel;  Bubby Neel;  Will Neel of Oklahoma;  Laura Phelps Cherry, wife of Dr. E.A. Cherry;  Preston & Eunice Cherry;  Hugh Cherry (baby);  Uncle Luther Cherry;  Dudley Tanner;  Phocian McKinney - obituary card - died Sept. 15, 1914;  Martha J. Goode, second wife of Adam Cherry (married 1858).  There are also photographs of unidentified persons.

If you are descended from this family, let me know and I will put you in contact with the person who owns the photograph album.

Dudley Tanner
Teacher at Hartford, Kentucky

Published 25 January 2015, Western Kentucky Genealogy Blog,

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Gone and forgotten. About as bad as having your picture end up on the wall at Cracker Barrel.