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Registered Pharmacists 1902

The Kentucky Pharmacy Law, enacted 16 March 1898 and amended 17 March 1902, stated that it was unlawful in Kentucky for anyone who was not a registered pharmacist to sell, compound or dispense any drug, medicine, chemical, poison or pharmaceutical preparation for medical use or to compound and dispense doctors' prescriptions.[1]

The following are registered pharmacists in two Kentucky  counties.

Caldwell County
Bunton, J.T. - Kelsey
Coleman, R.S. - Princeton
Cox, Wm. E. - Kelsey
Loyd, Charles B. - Fredonia
Patterson, Robert B. - Princeton
Reynolds, John L. - Creswell
Terry, W.B. - Princeton
Towery, Willis M. - Creswell

Crittenden County
Brantley, Bennett I. - Marion
Burks, Charles L. - Dycusburg
Dixon, John O. - Marion
Elder, Jefferson D. - Shady Grove
Guess, O. - Tolu
Haynes, Robert F. Jr. - Marion
Hughes, Ansel Roe - Weston
McMurray, James Silas - Repton
Mantz, David Berkley - Tolu
Moore, Robert A. - Marion
Orme, James H. - Marion
Ramage, Edward - Dycusburg
Ranking, James L. - Ford's Ferry
Woods, H.K. - Marion

[1] Report of the Kentucky Board of Pharmacy, for the Year Ending October 15, 1902 with an Alphabetical List of Registered Pharmacists, (Frankfort, Ky:1902), 121,123, 151; digital images, Google Books ( accessed 10 January 2015).

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