Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Correction on Princeton Founder Lineage

The following has been submitted by Michael Prince regarding the lineage of the founder of Princeton, Kentucky.

It was long held and believed that Captain William Prince, the founder of Princeton and revolutionary war patriot, along with his brothers and sisters descended from Edward Prince.

After the civil war a will book from King George County, VA was lost. The will turned up years later, circa 1977, in a private auction in the state of Michigan. That will was purchased by a private firm that had the entire book transcribed by George H.S. King and it was rightly returned to the state of Virginia. It can be purchased at and similar stores. It is titled:
King George County, VA will book A1 1721-1752. On pp. 53-54, it is learned where Captain Prince descends. It mentions his father and grandfather.

Please follow this link for more information, generously written by Mr. Ron Prince:

I descend from this line and Captain Prince is my 5th great uncle and his brother, Henry Berry a private with the continental  army during the revolution would be my 5th great grandfather.  I was fortunate enough to be from an area that had the book in a library that Ron strongly urges people to obtain. Well, I no longer live in the area, but my father does and he copied the pertinent information for me. When Ron suggested the book: Long, Long Ago Book II 1776-1996, by Harriet Farris Boozer, it was a beautiful find and suggestion. Pay special attention to the Berry, Prince and Earle's in her book as it demonstrates the lineage succinctly. Good luck finding the book as only so many copies exist and I do not think you can buy it. 

Baylis Earle married Mary Prince (her father was the bastard son John Prince)- they had an old family bible rumored to be found in Earle's Fort, I believe. It also contains information on the exact lineage of Rev. John Prince. The bible, as far as I know still exists, just not sure where and in who's possession.

Furthermore, my great aunt was a member of DAR using this exact same line and my application is being sent off for the society of Sons of American Revolution. From a historical point, it is now accepted and has been for almost 40 years. It is my hope this can help those interested in our family lineage. 


Michael W. Prince

Published 9 Mar 2016, Western Kentucky Genealogy Blog,

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