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Family Record of R.H. Dean

Pocket Diary of R.H. Dean  1891

Robert H. Dean, born 2 May 1859 Crittenden County, Kentucky, was the son of Joseph Madison "Matt" Dean and Isabel Caroline Clement. The home of Joseph M. and Isabel C. Dean was known as Deanwood and was located in the Iron Hill section of Crittenden County. Robert H. Dean married Mary Willis Crawford, daughter of Dr. J.W. Crawford, 5 March 1884. To them were born Dixie, who died at the age of five months in 1887, and Addie Lee, born 13 January 1890. Robert H. Dean taught school at Weston, Smithland, Lone cherry and Olive Branch and was employed at chapel Hill School when he received an appointment in the Weather Bureau.  The family later lived in Washington, DC; LaCrosse, Wisconsin; St. Louis, Missouri; Lexington, Kentucky and Anniston, Alabama. [1]  Robert H. Dean died November 1942 in Gadsden, Alabama and was buried in Mapleview Cemetery, Crittenden County.[2]

During 1891, R.H. Dean recorded his thoughts, events and interests in plants and the weather in a little notebook or diary. Included in the front of the notebook are the names of family members and dates. Written on the front is the following: "R.H. Dean  Marion, Ky.  Apr - Aug 1891  Memorandum." Most entries are in pencil and are difficult to read.  The entire notebook was published in my Western Kentucky Journal Vol. IX, No. 3 (Summer 2002), p. 2.

The notebook has been donated to the Crittenden County Museum in Marion.

F.A. Lemen and M.A. Dean   Sept. 16, 1877
G.F. Clement and Margaret S. Phillips  July 24, 1833
G.F.C.  Nov. 12, 1808
M.S.P.  June 18, 1801

Alexander Dean  Jan. 1, 1800    Died March 1880

James Rusk Dean   Tex.  4-15-1840
Victoria J. Bogan  10-21-1846    8-13-1875
Edward Caswell Dean (Tex)  3-31-1866
James R. Dean  12-10-1868
Levi Maxwell Dean  2-3-1870
Addie Maud Dean  7-24-1873
Stella Holmes Conley  5-3-87
George Madison Dean  1-31-1890
Carrie May Dean  5-25-189_

G.F. Clement  11-12-1808
Margaret Salina Phillips  8-18-1812

Alexander Dean  1800-1876
Anna Gates
Nancy Hughes
Joseph Madison Dean  10-25-1827
Isabella Caroline Clement  6-2-1834   Married Nov. 1, 1854
R.F.C.  2-13-1836
Sarah J.C.  12-17-1837
J.C.C.  4-19-1841
Mary Elizabeth C.  2-3-43
F.M.C.  3-23-1845
T.L.D.  10-16-33
Jane Ann D.  2-20-1835
Mary Louisa D.  5-7-1836
Josephine D.  11-27-38
Alfred D.  Feb. 8, 1840
J.E.D.  5-14-1844
Nancy D.  4-17-48
M.A.D.  8-20-1855
J.B.D.  4-26-57
R.H.D.  5-2-1859
S.I.D.  9-14-1861
C.C.D.  11-2-1863
W.A.D.  1-11-1866
J.M.D.  6-18-1868
T.M.D.  4-8-1871
E.F.D.  5-25-1873
I.G.D.  7-25-1875   5-21-1885
D.D.  3-22-1887   8-18-1887
A.L.D.  1-13-1890
Freddie Bogan Dean  b. Mar. 31, 1861   d. Oct. 10, 1886

[1] J.N. Dean. A Sketch of the Clement, Dean, Lamb, Phillips Families, (privately published, 1940). J.N. Dean was a brother to Robert H. Dean.
[2] Obituary, Crittenden Press, 20 November 1942.

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