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Livingston County, Kentucky Divorce Index 1841 - 1853

This information on  divorces granted  in 1841 - 1853 has been gleaned from Livingston Circuit Court Order Books  K (1841-1843), L (1843-1845), M (1846-1850) and N (1852-1854). The case files, which contain the details of the divorce petition, are found at the Kentucky Dept for Libraries and Archives (KDLA). The case files usually give the date and place of marriage, reason for filing for a divorce and if there are  minor children. To download a request form for a case file from KDLA, go Here

OB = Order Book

Browder, Jane A. vs Thomas W. Browder. Divorce granted 14 Dec 1852. Her maiden name of McCawley restored. She is prohibited from marrying for 1 year. (OB N, p. 576)

Burns, Cynthia vs Marcus Burns. Divorce filed 20 June 1853. He is a non-resident. (OB N, p. 501, 547) No deposition found.

Catin, Mary vs Jeremiah Catin. Divorce granted 15 Dec 1853. Maiden name of Mary McCoy restored to plaintiff. She cannot remarry for 12 months. (OB N, p. 543)

Croft, John C. vs Polly Croft. Filed 12 Mar 1841. Divorce granted plaintiff 21 Mar 1842. Defendant failing to appear. (OB K, p. 362) "About 10 Aug 1832[1] John C. Croft married Polly Dodds in Livingston County. Soon he discovered she "was anything else than a prudent loving & confiding companion ... and in one of her Wild & imprudent fits, was induced to abandon your Orators bed & board... with Wm. Lantrip left the state and settled in Illinois where she has remained for 4 years ..."[2] Depositions given by Henry Hardin, Theo Killen and Frederick H. Croft, brother of John C. Croft.

Donakey, Rachel vs John S. Donakey. Granted 21 Dec 1853. Court empowers plaintiff to use, enjoy and sell for her own benefit any property she may acquire or which belonged to her when she and her husband separated in 1848 or 9 or acquired since that time. Defendant to pay to court $20 for her benefit.  (OB N, p. 587)

Duncan, Allen vs Francis Duncan. Divorced granted 21 Dec 1853. Mutually abandoned each other and all rights of single persons restored to both, but neither can remarry for 12 months. (OB N, p. 582)

Goodrich, William Walter vs Sarah Goodrich. Filed 6 June 1851. They married 1839. She eloped from their house and lives in adultery with Joel Howell and goes by the name of Mrs. Howell. (OB N, p. 242)

Gunter, William T. vs Nancy Gunter. Deft. not an inhabitant of KY. Filed 30 Sep 1845. (OB L, p. 474)   Discontinued 15 Nov 1845. (OB M, p. 245)

Jarrold, Laura vs Alfred Jarrold. Dismissed without prejudice for want of jurisdiction 14 July 1845 (OB L, p. 378)

Lillard, Matthew vs Frances Lillard. Filed for divorce in Caldwell County, but case filed with Livingston County cases at KDLA. Married a few years ago.[3] Maiden name Frances Alcorn. " ... seemingly virtuous woman but was in truth ... without modesty, without virtue ... in short, she was a whore at heart and in practice ... set up a house in orator's neighborhood and kept a house of ill fame then left ... descended the river and is now in the city of Natchez in Mississippi."[4]

Lillard, Thomas vs Sarah Lillard. Defendant not an inhabitant of KY and failed to appear. (OB L, pp. 378, 474)

Patterson, David W.  vs Rebecca B. Patterson.[5] Granted 21 Dec 1853. Defendant cannot remarry for 1 year. (OB N, p. 582)

Rowe, Wiott vs Louisa Rowe. Defendant not an inhabitant of KY.  Appears she is guilty of adultery since she became wife of Wiott Rowe. Marriage annulled and divorce granted plaintiff 11 July 1844. (OB L, p. 175)

[1] Livingston Co., KY Marriages (Oct 1799-July 1839) by Joyce M. Woodyard, 1992 gives marriage date as 9 Aug 1832. Consent for bride by her mother, Ally Dodd. Bondsman: Caleb Stone.
[2] Croft, John C. vs Croft, Polly case file  A1986-289, Livingston County Equity, Ordinary and Commonwealth Cases, Mar 1842-Jun 1842, Box 63,  read at KDLA 5Aug 2015.
[3] Woodyard. Livingston Co., KY Marriages (Oct 1799-July 1839), 130. Matthew Lillard obtained a bond to marry Franky Alcorn 26 Mar 1834 Livingston County.
[4] Lillard, Matthew vs Lillard, Frances case file, A1986-289, Livingston County Equity, Ordinary and Commonwealth Cases, Mar 1842 - Jun 1842, Box 63, read at KDLA 5 Aug 2015.
[5] Woodyard. Livingston Co., KY Marriages (Oct 1799-July 1839), 97. David W. Patterson married Rebecca B. Coffield 6 Nov 1828 Livingston County.

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