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Avery M. Hicklin and Lucinda Knight

Andrew J.
Son of
A.M. & L. Hicklin
Dec. 23, 1827
Feb. 7, 1828
William C.
Son of
A.M. & L. Hicklin
[stone broken]

Tombstone in Union Baptist Church Cemetery, Crittenden County, Kentucky 6 February 2013.

Avery M. Hicklin married Lucinda Knight 24 January 1827 Livingston County, Kentucky. [1] Hicklin was of legal age and Lucinda's guardian gave consent for the license to issue. 

On 22 January 1827, Lucinda Knight, infant orphan of John Knight deceased, made choice of Avery M. Hicklin as her guardian.[2] As this appointment was made just two days before Avery M. Hicklin and Lucinda Knight married,  the guardian appointment was necessary for a person under legal age to obtain a marriage license. In effect, Hicklin was appointed Lucinda's guardian and then gave permission for Lucinda to marry him.  This was neither unusual nor illegal.

In 1827, the newly married Hicklin couple was living in Salem, then county seat of Livingston County.[3] Andrew J. Hicklin was likely the first child of this couple.

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[3] Livingston County, Kentucky Deed Book BB, p. 189, 26 June 1827,  Andrew H. Warthen to John Berry, mentions lot #9 in Salem on which was located the house occupied by Avery M. Hicklin.

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