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Zion Hill Lodge, No. 371, Crittenden County, Kentucky

Zion Hill Lodge, No. 371 was held at Weston, Crittenden County on the Saturday before the full moon in each month.  The following information can be found in Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Kentucky, F. and A.M., Emergent Communications, Nov. 11, 1890; May 27 and 29, 1891, held in Louisville, Kentucky Commencing Oct. 7, 1891; accessed through Google Books, 5 January 2018.

Alexander Woody, Master
John S. Heath, Senior Warden
Birdine Ashley, Junior Warden
Chesley Nunn, Secretary
Robert Heath, Treasurer
E.R. Williams, Senior Deacon
J.A. Samuels, Junior Deacon
I.C. Bristo, Steward and Tyler

Master Masons
Ashley, Birdine
Bristo, I.C.
Brantley, Fielding
Crider, S.F.
Crisp, A.B.
Cook, J.W.
Clements, G.F.
Garrett, J.A.
Heath, B.M.G.
Heath, Robert
Heath, John S.
Lamb, J.M.
Lamb, S.B.
Lamb, J.T.
Moreland, C.G.
McConnell, Jeff
Nunn, Chesley
Nunn, J.J.
Reynolds, J.F.
Rankins, J.L.
Rankins, G.L.
Samuels, Joseph Jr.
Summerville, W.F.
Travis, C.E.C.
Woody, Alexander
Williams, H.B.
Williams, E.R.

Entered Apprentice - Robert S. Heath
Admitted - J.A. Garrett, M.M. Berkley No. 567, March 21, 1891
Reinstated - J.H. Lamb, M.M., July 18, 1891
Dead - Master Masons - J.G. Moore, April 20, 1891; R.L. Moore, April 28, 1891
Suspended - Master Masons - G.B. Brantley, R.C. Lucas, J.H. Lucas, J.M. Gilbert
Entered Apprentice - L.B. Thurman, July  18, 1891, for non-payment of dues
Dimitted - Master Masons - J.G. Gilbert, Dec. 20, 1890; Saml. Hurst, April 18, 1891; W.H. Nunn, July 14, 1891; H.C. Gilbert, 1890; J.H. Lamb, July  18, 1891

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