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Smithland Lodge, No. 138, Livingston County, Kentucky 1892

It is often hard to locate a person between 1880 and 1900  due to the lack of a complete 1890 federal census. Therefore, any record that places a person in a particular place during this time period  is valuable.  

Smithland Lodge, No. 138, met at Smithland, Livingston County, on the first Monday of each month. The following information has been transcribed from Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Kentucky, F. and A.M.,  Ninety-Third Annual Communication, held in Louisville, Kentucky commencing Oct. 18 and 19, 1892, available on Google Books, accessed 5 January 2018.

Chas. H. Webb, Master
Robert G. Ferguson, Senior Warden
George P. Rogers, Junior Warden
James K. Huey, Secretary
James W. Cade, Treasurer
John C. Guthrie, Senior Deacon
Abram J. Bebout, Junior Deacon
Jacob V. Seyster, Steward
Emilius P. Haynes, Tyler

Master Masons
Bebout, Abram J.
Brandon, Rev. W.C.
Cade, James Waddle
Ferguson, Robert G.
Guthrie, John C.
Haynes, Emilius P.
Huey, James K.
Miller, Rev. Joshua A.
Rogers, George P.
Seyster, Jacob Van

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