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Life of Mary T. McCarroll Dorroh

Recently I came across a scrap of paper among the Livingston County, Kentucky County Clerk's Papers. It intrigued me. Who was the father of Mary T. Mc Carroll and what happened to her?  It didn't take long to start the journey of learning about this five year old child.

 Livingston County, Kentucky County Clerk's Papers 1836-1839 

Andrew McCarroll married Miss Lucinda Threlkeld 13 March 1834 in Livingston County. Bondsman was Gabriel Threlkeld and James W. Mansfield, Baptist minister performed the ceremony.[1]  Andrew and Lucinda apparently had only one child, Mary T., who was born 26 January 1835.

Andrew McCarroll died before 20 March 1836 and Lucinda, as the widow, renounced  her rights to administer on her late husband's estate in favor of Jesse Padon, who was the county sheriff. [2] Padon was also appointed guardian to the McCarroll child, Mary T.[3] After Padon died in 1840,[4] Lucinda was appointed guardian to Mary T. McCarroll.[5]

On the 4th of April 1843, Mrs. Lucinda McCarroll, widow, married David B. Glenn in Livingston County[6] and they moved to neighboring  Caldwell County. [7] Lucinda's daughter, Mary, was enumerated in the Glenn household.

Now comes the part where you have to weigh the evidence to determine what happened to Mary T. McCarroll.  Caldwell County records show that James J. Dorroh married Miss Mary T. McConnell 12 March 1857. Was this Mary T. McCarroll?  I believe it was because the marriage occurred at the home of David B. Glenn and Glenn was also the security for the marriage bond.[8]  Remember David B. Glenn was the stepfather of Mary T. McCarroll.

The birth records of the two oldest children of James J. Dorroh and Mary T. McCarroll provide additional proof. On the birth record of William Andrew Dorroh on 8 June 1858, Mary T. McCarra is listed as his mother.[9]  And on the birth record of Mary Dorroh on 15 October 1859, Mary T. McCorrall is given as her mother.[10]  I'm convinced!  Surely Mary T. McCarroll was the wife of James J. Dorroh and the mother of William Andrew and Mary Dorroh. There were other children born to this marriage:  Rebecca, Joseph F. and Sarah Dorroh.[11]

Apparently Mary T. McCarroll Dorroh died before 28 October 1868 as on that date he married Mrs. Esther J. Hill in Crittenden County, Kentucky.[12] Did Mary T. die in childbirth?  Perhaps. I didn't learn everything I wanted to know about her, but I do know she was part of a family and even married and had children of her own. It makes me sad, though, that she died without seeing any of her children married or with children of their own.

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