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Letters to Santa Claus 1911

In December 1911, Letters to Santa Claus began to appear in the weekly Crittenden County, Kentucky newspaper, the Crittenden Record - Press. Below are letters written by children to their favorite red-clad friend.

14 December 1911
Dear Santa Clause [sic]:  I am a little girl 12 years old and I am so anxious for Xmas to come and I hope you will come and visit me before you get too tired, for I want so many things.  I want a nice doll and carriage, candy, apples, oranges, nuts and I would like to have a rain coat, but mama says I am asking too much but please don't forget my doll.  Oh!  Say, I wish I had some nice books. Well, I want so many things I will just let you decide. I will ring off. From your little friend, Verah Crider.

Dear Santa Clause:  I am a little girl 8 years old. I want you to please call at our place. I live at the foot of the Willson hill. I sure want a doll, candy, nuts and a lot of things, but I will be satisfied with what you want to bring me. Wishing you a merry Xmas, I am  your little friend.  Valna Crider.

21 December 1911
Mexico, Ky., Dec. 16.  Dear Santa Claus:   I am a little girl 5 years old and have light hair and blue eyes, I try to be good hope you will think of me, I would like to have a big doll and set of dishes, oranges, apples, bananas and all kinds of nuts and candy  I will go to bed early and shut my eyes tight, please come and don't forget my little sister and papa and mama. So I will close, from a little girl.   Ruth Bibb, Mexico, Ky.

Dear Santa Claus:  I am a little girl 9 years old and will be so glad when Xmas comes. If you don't give all of your presents away before you visit me, I want a doll, a pair of little scissors, candy, nuts, apples, oranges, and bananas. I like to read and you may bring me all of the good books you have to spare. I have a brother and a little sister and please don't forget them.  I will close, wishing you a merry Christmas.  Your little friend, Velma Fritts, Route 4, Marion, Ky.

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