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Roster of Men Who Died in World War I

In 1919, a roster of  "Kentuckians Who Made the Supreme Sacrifice" during the first World War was published in Kentucky newspapers.[1] There were 2,726 names on the list and those names were grouped as follows:
Killed in action =    734
Died of disease =  1,501
Died of wounds =    305
Death by accident =   89
Lost at sea        =       33
Cause not stated =    62
     Total                    2,726

The high number of death by disease was due mainly to the influenza epidemic  in American camps as well as overseas.  The actual fighting fatalities totaled 1,039 killed in action and deaths from  wounds. Of those who died by accident, several were killed in airplane catastrophes. Lost at sea included those who died aboard transports and those whose ships were sunk or not accounted for.  Of those who died by cause not stated, several were deaths in German prison camps.  

Eura Boitnott, Princeton, died of wounds.
Samuel L. Booth, Princeton, died of wounds.
William G. Dailey, Princeton, died of disease.
Jimmie L. Denham, Princeton, died of disease.
Carl D. Hollowell, Princeton, died of disease.
Carter Koon, Fredonia, killed in action.
Clarence Littlefield, Dalton.
Edward Lowery, Princeton, died of disease.
Robert C. Marquess, Otter Pond, killed in action.
Frank M. Moss, Fredonia, killed of disease.
Andy P. Nuckols, Princeton, died of wounds.
B.C. Orange, Princeton, died of disease.
James Rogan, Fredonia, died of disease.
Arthur E. Rowland, Princeton, died of disease.
Clarence L. Scott, Dulaney, killed in action.
Roy Smith, Princeton, died of accident.
Otis E. Stone, Fredonia, died of disease.
Lonnie Towery, Princeton, died of disease.

Pvt. Carter Koon, of Fredonia, Caldwell County, volunteered to pass through heavy shellfire to rescue wounded comrades. He made two successful trips, but was mortally wounded on the third trip. He received the Distinguished Service Cross.

William M. Banister, Kuttawa, died of disease
Jesse Bohannon, Eddyville, died of wounds
Ollie B. Chandler, Kuttawa, died of disease.
Thomas Malloy Glenn, Eddyville, died of disease.
Floyd Ladd, Eddyville, died of disease.
James W. Lovell, Eddyville, killed in action.
Cecil F. McDonald, Eddyville, died of wounds.
Leslie W. Yates, Kuttawa, died of disease. 

 Additional counties will be listed in the future on this blog.

[1] "Kentuckians Who Made the Supreme Sacrifice in the War for Civilization," Louisville Courier-Journal, Mon., 2 Jun 1919, p. 13, 15. A partial roster was also published in the Hopkinsville Kentuckian on Sat., 7 Jun 1919, p. 5 and in the Owensboro Messenger on Sun., 15 Jun 1919, p. 11.

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