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Caldwell County, Kentucky Guardian Appointments 1826

A guardian was appointed when a person was unable to act for himself or was a minor (under the age of 21 years). At the age of 14, a minor could choose his own guardian with the approval of the county court. If under the age of 14, the county court appointed the guardian. To guarantee the faithful performance of the guardian, a security was required to sign the bond, also. The following records were transcribed from Court Order Book D (1822-1829), located in the Caldwell County Clerk's Office, Princeton, Kentucky.  The page number on which the information appears in  Court Order Book D is given at the end of each entry.

Anthony Laughlin was appointed guardian for Winefred Prescott Laughlin, infant orphan of William Laughlin dec'd.  Security: David W. McGoodwin. 16 Jan 1826 [p. 216]

Arnold Jacob was appointed guardian for Lucy L. White, infant orphan of Elisha White dec'd. Securities: Wm. Lander, Henry Machen.  16 Jan 1826 [p. 216]

Abel Neely Armstrong, infant orphan of Joseph Armstrong dec'd made choice of  Matthew Armstrong as his guardian. Securities: Wm. Wadlington, Reddick Nichols.  20 Feb 1826  [p. 221]

James Clark was appointed guardian for Ruth Harper & Asa Morrow Harper, orphans of William Harper dec'd. Securities: John Pennington, James Smith.  20 Feb 1826  [p. 222]

On motion of James Smith, security for James Clark, guardian to Ruth Harper & Asa Morrow Harper, Clark ordered to shew cause why he shall  not give added security; refused and was discharged as guardian.  17 Apr 1826  [p. 231]

Oresteso Cook, infant orphan of Reuben Cook dec'd, made choice of Johnson McLaughlin as his guardian. Security: Wm. Lander.  21 Aug 1826  [p. 253]

Louise Johnson, infant orphan of Samuel Johnson dec'd, made choice of Buford Lewis as her guardian. Security: John Prince.  16 Oct 1826  [p. 259]

Samuel A. Keale, infant heir and orphan of Asa Keale dec'd, made choice of John Prince as his guardian. Security: Buford Lewis.  16 Oct 1826  [p. 260]

Manly Cannon, heir & infant orphan of Kinson Cannon dec'd, made choice of James Morse as his guardian. Security: Wm. Lander. 16 Oct 1826  [p. 264]

Samuel C. Harkins, guardian to Alfred Champion, infant orphan of Thomas Champion dec'd, was displaced as guardian and Wm. Lander appointed guardian. Security: James Morse. 16 Oct 1826  [p. 266]

Lewis Martin was appointed guardian to Patsey Pennington, Wade H. Pennington, Nicey P. Pennington & Louisa Pennington, infant orphans of Jacob Pennington dec'd. Securities: Jonathan Stevens, Benjamin Jones.  20 Nov 1826  [p. 268]

Hannah Wilson was appointed guardian to Nancy Wilson, heir & infant of John Wilson dec'd. Security: James Wilson. 20 Nov 1826  [p. 269]

Major Groom was appointed guardian to Sarah Elizabeth Groom, heir & infant of John B. Groom dec'd. Security: Benjamin Quisenberry. 20 Nov 1826  [p. 272]

Abel Neely Armstrong, infant & heir of Joseph Armstrong dec'd, being of sufficient age to choose a guardian, made choice of Edmund Franklin as his guardian. Security: Lewis Franklin. 18 Dec 1826  [p. 279]

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