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Marion Town Council 1913

In January 1916, new members of  the Marion City Council took office and the local newspaper, the Crittenden Record - Press, published biographical sketches of each member, along with their photographs.[1]  The following sketches have been abstracted from this newspaper article.

Councilman J.N. Boston:  J.N. Boston is not only large- [sic] interested in farming in the Repton section where he owns one of the most improved bodies of land in the county, and he also is the holder of a large block of stock in the G.A. Terry land, which is a fine agricultural body as well as in the heart of the mineral belt. The Boston Planning Mill, which supplies this section of the state with sash, doors, lumber and all household accessories, is the creature of his indomitable will and industry. He was born at Hillman's Rolling Mill in Lyon County almost 50 years ago.

Councilman John H. Nimmo: John H. Nimmo is the Watkins Remedy Man and is well known in every corner of Crittenden County. He owns a beautiful home on North Main street, where he and Mrs. Nimmo and their handsome children live under their own vine and fig tree. He is a "Chopper" and is never happier than when in a W.O.W.[2] celebration or camp.

Councilman Thomas A. Rankin: Councilman Rankin is the head of the board and will do much to steady the deliberations of the "boys." He is the oldest member although only a little past the half century mark. He was born in the northern section of this county and belongs to one of the oldest, most substantial and aristocratic families in the state. He not only owns his home here but a fine Ohio River farm as well and lives at home and boards at the same place with his handsome family, consisting of his wife, two daughters and one son.

Councilman Wm. O. Tucker: Councilman Wm. Oliver Tucker has built up a large business here in furniture and undertaking and is now operating a chair factory which is meeting with success, as its product is being shipped to many sections of the country. Mr. Tucker is a native of McLean County, but came here as a young man and has since resided here. He is just past 41. He resides with his little family, a wife and two children on North Main Street. Mrs. Tucker is a daughter of former chief justice T.J. Nunn, one of Crittenden's best loved men.

Councilman J.R. Perry:  Councilman Perry is the son of J.B. Perry, the farmer and banker of the Irma section, and was born on the big Perry farm on the Tolu Road. He took his degree at the Hospital College of medicine in Louisville. His wife was Miss Beulah Franklin, of the Hebron section. They reside in their own home on West Depot Street, and have one little daughter.

Councilman George W. Yates:  Councilman Yates was born in this county near Sheridan but has lived here and sold pianos so long that Marion claims him as her own. He belongs to the singing and musical family and is said (by C.R. and W.B.) to be the oldest member of the family now living. He has made good in his business, owns his home and has a most interesting little family.

[1] Crittenden Record - Press, Marion, KY, Thurs., 6 Jan 1916, p. 1.
[2] Woodmen of the World.

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