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Crittenden County, Kentucky Divorces 1856-1860

The following Crittenden County divorces are first mentioned in Crittenden County Circuit Court Order Book D (1856-1860) when the case was filed. Details of the law suit are given in the case file, which can be ordered from the Kentucky Dept for Libraries and Archives in Frankfort. The date of the entry in this order book is given at the end of the with the reference listed. For example, 31 July1856 refers to entry in order book D page 79, dated 31 July 1856.

Weldon, Shelby P. vs Judy Ann Weldon,  Case File #72:  Shelby P. Weldon, plaintiff,  is restored to all the rights and privileges of an unmarried man and is to pay costs. [OB D:79;  31 July 1856]

Fox, Elizabeth vs Pleasant Fox, Case Files #47 and #72:  It appearing Pleasant Fox abandoned Elizabeth without cause more than 12 months prior to commencement of this suit. Therefore marriage contract between them annulled, set aside and held for naught. Elizabeth, plaintiff, is restored to rights and privileges of an unmarried woman. R.F. Haynes, attorney for  non-resident defendant, allowed $5 for his services. [OB D:69; 30 Jul 1856]

Linthicum, Rice vs Mary Linthicum, Case File #72:  Contract of marriage between plaintiff and defendant set aside and held for naught as far as Rice Linthicum is concerned. R.H. Word is attorney for non-resident deft.  [OBD:55; 30 Jul 1856]

Brantley, Cassy vs William Brantley, Case File #72: Contract of marriage set aside and Cassy restored to her former name of Cassy Grissom. Plaintiff to recover her costs expended. [OBD:56; 30 Jul 1856]

Sheperson, Susan vs William Sheperson[1] : Bonds of matrimony annulled and held for naught as far as plaintiff is concerned and she is restored to right and privileges of an unmarried woman. Defendant is non-resident. [OBD:343; 24 Jul 1858]

Oliver, Frances L. vs James T. Oliver, Case File #102:  Divorce granted Frances Oliver, plaintiff, and vows between plaintiff and defendant are absolved. [OBD:643; 8 Nov 1860]

 Jones, William Ann vs Samuel Jones  Case File #102:  Bonds of matrimony dissolved and plaintiff to recover her costs. Defendant is non-resident. [OBD:644, 9 Nov 1860]

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[1] Case file number for Susan Sheperson vs William Sheperson not listed in index.

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