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Appointment of Guardians, Crittenden County, Kentucky 1861 - 1864

If an underage child inherited property, a guardian was usually appointed to protect his interests. A guardian might also be appointed to represent the child in a law suit (guardian ad litem). At the age of 14 years, a child was allowed to choose his own guardian, but with the county court’s approval. If under age 14, the county court had the responsibility of appointing the guardian for the child. The following entries have been abstracted from Guardian Bond Book 1853 - 1871 and County Court Order Book 3 (1861-1868), Crittenden County Clerk’s Office, Marion, Kentucky. Additional information may be found in a separate Guardians' Settlement Book.

14 Jan 1861 - P. Cruce appointed guardian of James R. McCain, minor of Wm. McCain dec’d.

14 Jan 1861 - H.L. Leigh appointed guardian of Jane W. McCain, minor of Wm. McCain dec’d.

19 Jan 1861 - Wm. A. Jacobs appointed guardian of Henry T. Jacobs, Ben Milton J. Jacobs, McLin G. Jacobs, Silas D. Jacobs and Henry P. Jacobs, minor of B.H. Jacobs.

11 Feb 1861 - W.B. McConnell appointed guardian of Alfred B. McDowell.

11 Feb 1861 - Francis N. Wilson appointed guardian of Julia Ann McDowell and Louisa Jane McDowell.

11 Mar 1861 - F.M. Conditt appointed guardian of Mary Jane Harmon, minor of James H. Harmon.

11 Mar 1861 - A.T. Crider appointed guardian of J.G. Crider, F.J. Crider and Louisa M. Crider, minors of John H. Crider.

11 Mar 1861 - Jacob James appointed guardian of Mary Jane James, "a minor of his."

16 Mar 1861 - A.T. Crider appointed guardian of Cynthia A., Mary A., and Wm. H. Crider, minors of John H. Crider.

8 Apr 1861 - H.W. Woods appointed guardian of R.H. Woods and J.E. Woods, infants of sd. H.W. Woods.

10 Jun 1861 - Harriet Cooksey appointed guardian of R.L. Cooksey, P.K. Cooksey, R.P. Cooksey and N.L. Cooksey, minors of P.P.H. Cooksey.

9 Sep 1861 - J.C. James appointed guardian of Andrew J. Aaron and Martha Jane Isabel Aaron, infant children of John Aaron dec’d.

9 Dec 1861 - John T. Younger selected Willis N. Threlkeld as his guardian. It appearing that Younger has not sufficient estate to be maintained, it is ordered that Younger be bound as apprentice to R.W. Foster until Younger is age 21 years.

14 Apr 1862 - Eli Swansey, over the age of 14 years, made choice of Wm. Flanary as his guardian.

19 Apr 1862 - Celety Waddle, over age 14, made choice of Wm. Waddell [sic] as her guardian.

6 May 1862 - Sarah Swansey appointed guardian of Nancy E. Swansey and James M. Swansey, minors of John Swansey dec’d.

9 Jun 1862 - David Kimsey appointed guardian of Wm. Kimsey, Eleanor Kimsey and Jesse Kimsey, minors of David W. Kimsey.

14 Jul 1862 - William Bennett Crider selected as guardian by Mary C. Aaron, who is over the age of 14 years.

14 Jul 1862 - Cicero H. Giles appointed guardian of Preston C. Giles and Elizabeth M. Giles, infants of P. Giles dec’d.

26 Jul 1862 - W.H. Stokes appointed guardian of Mary E. Chadwick.

26 Jul 1862 - William H. Thompson, who is over the age of 14 years and the infant of Wm. B. Thompson, chose Wm. M. Clark as his guardian.

8 Sep 1862 - T.J. Flanary was appointed guardian of his daughter, Julia A. Flanary.

8 Dec 1862 - Nancy M. Durham was appointed guardian of Samatha Jane Durham, Lucinda C. Durham and Green Henry Durham, infants of G.W. Durham dec’d.

8 Dec 1862 - U.G. Witherspoon was appointed guardian of Amelia Davis, Melissa Davis and Wm. Davis, minors of Terrell Davis.

8 Dec 1862 - S.F. Crider was chosen by J.W. Green as his guardian, J.W. Green being over the age of 14 years.

12 Jan 1863 - W.N. Threlkeld was appointed guardian of Newton Younger, infant of J.C. Younger. It appearing that Newton Younger, infant orphan, has no estate sufficient for his maintainous and R.W. Foster having signified his willingness to take him as an apprentice, Newton Younger is bound to Foster to learn the trade and business of a spinster [sic] until the age of 21 years, he being now age 14.

25 Apr 1863 - R.B. Phillips was appointed guardian to Catharine S. Phillips, Wm. P. Phillips, Mary C. Phillips and Thos. N. Phillips, infant heirs of Wm. C. Phillips dec’d.

9 Jun 1863 - Miss Adaline P. Elder, who is over the age of 14 years and a minor of John S. Elder dec’d, made choice of James S. Mayes as her guardian.

13 Jul 1863 - Wm. Flanary was removed as guardian of Eli Swansey and Wm. Swamsey was appointed in his place.

13 Jul 1863 - R.F. Haynes was appointed guardian ad litum to defend for Mary E. Joyce, Lurinda Jenkins, Missouri Jenkins, Mary J. Jenkins and Joann Jenkins, infant heirs of J.W. Jenkins dec’d, in a case of R.W. and J.W. Taylor against J.W. Jenkins heirs [Order Book 3, p. 112]

15 Jul 1863 - James H. Travis was appointed guardian of Joseph L. Travis, Mary E. Travis, Martha L. Travis and Alice Gertrud Clinton, the first three being over the age of 14 years.

10 Aug 1863 - W.W. Brown appointed guardian of Ayres Brown, infant heir of J.N. Brown.

14 Sep 1863 - James E. Yeakey appointed guardian of Martha E. Conditt.

14 Sep 1863 - J.W. Hill chosen as guardian of J.H. Pickens, who is over the age of 14 years.

13 Oct 1863 - W.J. Brantley appointed guardian of Marcus F. Travis.

17 Nov 1863 - Wm. Chadwick was appointed guardian of John L. Chadwick, Mary A. Chadwick, Andrew J. Chadwick, Sarah C. Chadwick, Malvina J. Chadwick, Wm. M. Chadwick and Martha E. Chadwick, minors of the said Wm. Chadwcik.

14 Dec 1863 - W.J. Brantley was appointed guardian of John E. Travis.

14 Dec 1863 - U.G. Witherspoon was appointed guardian of Buchanan Nelson, James N. Nelson and Charles W. Nelson, minors of Nathaniel Nelson dec’d.

29 Jan 1864 - Mary S. Wells, who is over the age of 14 years, made choice of John Marr as her guardian.

8 Feb 1864 - Henrietta Bristow was appointed guardian of Marietta Bristow, minor of John S. Bristow dec’d.

8 Feb 1864 - T.L.R. Wilson was appointed guardian of Joseph G. McCain and Alcy E. McCain, infants & heirs of Joseph McCain dec’d.

5 Mar 1864 - John E. Clark appointed guardian of Synthia J. Garrison and James P. Garrison, minors of J.S. Garrison.

7 Mar 1864 John Yates was chosen guardian of Wm. J. Brown, over age 14 and minor of Samuel Brown dec’d.

14 Mar 1864 - Nancy Scott was appointed guardian of John L. Scott, Mary L. Scott, James J. Scott, Jo ann Scott, Matilda J. Scott, Richard F. Scott, Robert F. Scott, Frances M. Scott, and Alexander F. Scott, infants and heirs of Alexander F. Scott dec’d, the first three children being over the age of 14 years.

14 Mar 1864 - Harrison Right appointed guardian of James David Johnson Cowsert, heir of James Cowsert dec’d.

23 Apr 1864 - Miss Harriet E. Love, being over the age of 14 years, made choice of R.S. Peyton as her guardian.

13 Jun 1864 - Rachel Bozwell, late Rachel Tabor, was appointed guardian of Sophina Jane Tabor and Delila Ann Tabor.

13 Jun 1864 - Benjn. B. Beason was appointed guardian of Rebecca F. Lack.

11 Jul 1864 - R.S. Peyton was appointed guardian of C.S. Love, infant heir of R.A. Love dec’d.

12 Sep 1864 - D.W. Carter was appointed guardian of Nancy E. Bennett and John J. Bennett.

11 Oct 1864 - James W. Paris was appointed guardian of Paulina E. Conger.

12 Dec 1864 - John W. Mabry was appointed guardian of Joel Grace Taber, John Oliver Taber, George Mansfield Taber, Sarah Jane Taber, James Anderson Taber and Hezekiah Lincoln Taber, infants and heirs of Hezekiah Taber dec’d.


AuntieC said...

I have just returned from KY research on my Loves and Woffords. In the List of Guardians Book, 1843-1878 my ancestor, Andrew Love, is listed as guardian for Sarah W., Flora, Ayres K. and Nancy Clarinda Love. These are the children of his brother, William and Rebecca Knight. They are in Andrew's household in the 1860 census. Would you explain what the column, "Amt." means?

Thank you,
Carolyn Love

Brenda Joyce Jerome said...

Do you mean the List of Guardians Book? If so, are you referring to the column "Amount Reported?" This is the amount of estate assets reported by the guardian (Andrew Love) to the county court. It is interesting that William Love's estate had been settled before the guardian was appointed for his children. My guess assets were discovered after the settlement of his estate. Not sure this helps, but maybe.

AuntieC said...

Yes, it is the List of Guardians Book and the "Amount Reported". I wasn't sure if it was assests or something Andrew was paying out. That clarifies it for me. Thank you again. Carolyn