Saturday, February 9, 2008

Petition 1860

The following petition of voters for a new district at Farmersville, Caldwell County, Kentucky was filed in open court Friday, 2 March 1860. The petition was located in a file marked "Petitions" in the Caldwell County Clerk's Office, Princeton, Kentucky. The original spelling has been retained.

Boundary of New Dist.

Beginning at New Liberty Church near Mrs. Harpers old place, thence to Joel Beckners, thence to the mouth of the Buffalow branch, thence up Tradewater River to Smiths Mill, then to Thomas Jacksons, thence to Bartholomew Creekmurs, thence to Thomas Youngs, thence with a line of the new district to the beginning

Mr. J.N. Turner County Judge

Sir the undersigned partisioners wish to be attached to the Farmersville district as we are more convenient to the voting place then we now are we ware originally in the oald 2nd district, a complyance with this request will obligie your partitioners.

Samuel D. Graham

John T. Trayler

Joel Beckner

Furdenan Boitnott

M.H. Dixon

Wm. R. Davis

Andrew H. Beckner

James Jackson

John H. Harris

Timothy Creekmur

Martin Jackson

J.H. Martin

William Hammock

Matthew McNeily

John Dunbar

J.J. McNeley[?]

Shadrack McGrigger

James McGriger

Levi Malone

Francis Dunbar

Isaac Beckner

William H. Sigler

Wm. Creekmer

Wm. Dunbar

Isaac Young

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