Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Letters to Santa 1911

Letters to Santa Claus appeared in the Henderson, Kentucky Gleaner shortly before Christmas each year. The following appeared in the issue of Saturday, 16 December 1911.

Geneva, Ky.

Dear Santa Claus,
I am a small girl [and] am going to school every day. I want a doll, doll buggy, ring, Bible, work box, candy, nuts, figs, oranges, grapes, apples, bananas and raisins.Remember Mother, Father, Grandfather and Grandmother and sister and teacher, Miss Carrie Crenshaw.

Your little girl, Avolin McDonald.

~ ~ ~

Happy Hollow Neighborhood

Dear Old Santa,
I will write you a few lines as I think it is time to let you know what I want. I am a little boy only four years old and I am a little orphant, I live with my good old Uncle. I want a cap pistol and plenty of caps to shoot. I want a little toy horse and a dog and a pair of rubber boots and a suit of clothes and candy and all kinds of raisins and nuts of all kinds and that is all for this time. Do you think it is little for myself, but don't forget me, good old Santa, and don't forget my uncle and aunt. Goodbye.

Lockett Buckman.

~ ~ ~

Henderson, Ky.

Dear Santa,
I am a little girl five years old. I am going to move to Hot Springs, Ark. and please don't forget to come down there and see me Christmas. Please bring me a doll, doll buggy, candy, nuts, oranges and some bananas. Don't forget mama, papa and my little sister, Tommie.

Yours truly, Ethel May Koonce.

~ ~ ~

Henderson, Ky.

Dear Old Santa,
I am a little girl twelve years old. I want a nice locket, a trunk, story book, some handkerchiefs and candy, oranges, apples and squibs, roman candles, raisins and nuts of all kinds and figs and I hope I do not want too much for Christmas.

Your truly, Ida May Pyle. Please bring me a box of writing paper.

~ ~ ~

My Dear Santa,
I am a little boy ten years of age and am tolerably good some times. I want you to bring me pistol caps, a rubber ball, candy, oranges and all kinds of nuts and some squibs. Well, I guess that is a plenty for this time, as I want you to remember the orphans and poor. So goodbye.

Roscoe Christison.


Apple said...

"and am tolerably good some times." LOL at least he was honest. I had to look up squib - a firecracker! Thanks for sharing these.

bubbebobbie said...

Dear Santa,
It has almost been 100 years since these were written. Could you please answer these letters and forget the ones you got this week? Especially the taking care of the poor part.
Thanks Santa

Taneya Koonce said...

whoa! a Koonce! I will have to research her further to see if she is party of any of the Koonce lines I'm currently researching. Hope you're having a great holiday.