Sunday, June 19, 2011

Church Dedication at Frances, Kentucky 1910

The following article comes from The New York Observer, a Presbyterian church publication, 7 July 1910.

The new church house at Frances, Crittenden county, Ky., was dedicated to the service of God June 19. This church is in the central part of Princeton Presbytery. The originator and promoter of this thrifty new church, with its beautiful church edifice, is due to the untiring energy, wise management and earnest zeal of the Rev. A.J. Thomson, Kuttawa, Ky. Less than two years ago he made an appointment to preach in this community, in which there is no Presbyterian church, and no other church nearer than 3 or 4 miles. About 18 months ago, with the assistance of the pastor-evangelist, he held a meeting in this community, which resulted in a great revival and in the organization of a Presbyterian church of about 35 members. In a short time he projected a church building. He secured a beautiful lot, appointed his building committee, plans were adopted and the work begun.

The third Sunday in June was the culmination of these earnest efforts, when a large crowd assembled to witness the dedicatory service of this, the most beautiful country church building in Crittenden county. The local choir and Fredonia choir furnished delightful music. Bular Threlkeld and Professor McDonald were the musical directors. The Rev. James F. Price took up the offering to meet the deficit on the building. The dedication sermon was preached by the Rev. Edward S. Landis, Paducah, Ky. The pastor, the Rev. A.J. Thomson, dedicated the building to the service of God.

In the afternoon the Rev. J.N. Andre, Fredonia, Ky., preached an excellent sermon, showing that while they had done a noble work, the real work of the church had only begun; that all the work hitherto done was only preparatory to the salvation and edification of the entire community.


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