Friday, December 16, 2011

Dear Santa ...

I've done genealogical research for more years than you want to know, but, alas, I have failed to find everything I need. So, I'm hoping you can help. Here goes.

Dear Santa,

I have been really, really good this year. I cited my sources accurately and completely just as the top notch genealogists say to do ... well, except for the time I was in such a hurry I forgot and then there was the time I ... I meant to, I really did. I'll do better next year, I promise.

Santa, you would be so proud of me when I visited the courthouse. I didn't pester the clerks too much and take up their time with stupid questions. OK, I promise never again to ask for every record they have on my great-grandfather John Smith. I was only kidding anyway. I did put away all those big books I used, Santa. Do I get a Gold Star for that?

This year has been a great time for making progress on my John E. Wilson family. With the help of another researcher, we tracked some of his grandchildren from Kentucky to Missouri and then to Nebraska. I'm a little upset with those folks in Nebraska, though. They haven't had many county records microfilmed and it's a little far to drive to Nebraska every time I have a question. Would you mind seeing what you can do to make those records more accessible? If you would also put those records on FamilySearch, where I can use them for free, that would be nice, too.

Now, Santa, I know it is hard to spell Wolstenholme, but surely to Pete it doesn't have to be spelled 133 different ways! Please, kindly suggest to those you meet in your travels that the name should be spelled one way only. That will make it ever so much easier for me.

I hesitate to mention this last item, Santa, as it is a big one. I spend a lot of time in cemeteries and some tombstones that should be there can't be found. I'm guessing they have fallen over and are now covered with dirt. Would you work a little magic and set them upright again? The last time I took a shovel to the cemetery I got some very scary looks. Hmmm, wonder if they thought I was going to dig up bodies instead of tombstones?

OK, use your powers, Big Guy, and I'll leave you alone until next year!


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