Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Livingston County, Kentucky Divorces 1865 - 1867


This information on  divorces granted  in 1865 - 1867 has been gleaned from Livingston Circuit Court Order Books  Q (1863 - 1867) and R (1867 - 1871). The case files, which contain the details of the divorce petition, are found at the Kentucky Dept for Libraries and Archives. The case files usually give the date and place of marriage and if there are  minor children. To download a request form for a case file from KDLA, go Here

Champion, Catharine vs James M. Champion. Divorce granted 2 September 1865. Plaintiff's maiden name of Owens restored to her. (Order Book Q, page 286).

Wells, Mary H. vs Jesse Wells. Divorce granted 2 September 1865. (Book Q, page 287). Jesse Wells charged with bigamy 13 February 1866. (Order Book Q, page 307). Reported 12 February 1867 that Jesse Wells hath departed this life. (Order Book Q, page 471).

Ross, A.J. vs E.P. Ross. Divorce granted 2 September 1865. (Order Book Q, page 289).

Wells, P.A. vs W.J. Wells. Divorced granted 2 September 1865. (Order Book Q, page 289).

Smith, Minerva Ann vs Robert Smith. Divorce granted 2 September 1865. Plaintiff's maiden name of Carroll restored to her. (Order Book Q, page 289).

Bloodworth, Isaac vs Anna E. Bloodworth. Divorce granted to defendant 2 September 1865. Her maiden name of Roberts was restored. Isaac Bloodworth prohibited from marrying for 12 months. (Order Book Q, page 293).

Connolly, M.A. vs John Connolly. Divorced granted 31 August 1866. Defendant is a non-resident. (Order Book Q, page 469).

Mitchell, H.M. vs E.A. Mitchell. Divorce granted 31 August 1866. Plaintiff cannot marry for one year and is "not to form with one other person the marriage relation until he finds the means or ability to support and maintain a wife and is not to let her suffer or be cast upon the world destitute and uncared for." (Order Book Q, page 469)

Williams, S.M. vs M.J. Williams. Marriage dissolved 14 August 1867. Defendant cannot marry for one year. (Order Book R, page 23).

Covington, Malisa Cordelia vs Henry W. Covington. Contract of marriage dissolved 20 August 1867. Defendant restrained from marrying for one year. Plaintiff's maiden name of Harris restored. (Order Book R, page 46).

Ross, Lovin vs M.J. Ross. Divorce granted 21 August 1867. Plaintiff to have all property owned by him at the time of their marriage or what he acquired in his own right in this marriage. (Order Book R, page 71).


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