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Zion Hill Lodge, No. 371, Crittenden County 1876

Zion Hill Masonic Lodge met at Zion Hill Church in Crittenden County on the Saturday before the Full Moon in each month. The following information comes from Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Kentucky 1876.

J.S. Heath, M.; J.H. Hughes, S.W.; J.G. Loften, J.W.; Robert Heath, Treas.; Alexander Woody, Sec.; Bird Ashley, S.D.; I.C. Bristow, J.D. and E.R. Williams, S. and T.

Past Masters
M. Bristow, T.L. Nunn, H.C. Gilbert, J.H. Hughes.

Master Masons
B.M.G. Heath, J.R. Clement, J.H. Lamb, J.A. Samuels, William Straker, Fielding Brantley, Joseph Samuels, J.N. Teates, Rev. R.B. Tudor, T.J. Woody, J.H. Clark, R.L. Moore, G.F. Clement, J.R. Clark, J.M. Lamb, T.A. Kemp, D.F. Kemp, R.J. Wallingford, J.M. Gilbert, R.E. Flanery, Joseph Franklin, W.D. Williams, Rev. W.R. Gibbs, F.C. Crider, Anderson Avet, J.W. Kinsey, Ely Graves, T.N. Lamb, Jesse Beaird.

Joseph Walingford, M.M., June 3d, 1876; for gross unmasonic conduct.

J.G. Moore, W.R. Duerson, J.W. Hill, S.R. Lamb, J.T. Bankley, T.E. Porter, R.W. McCoburn, J.E. Straker, M.M.'s, July 29th 1876; for non-payment of dues.

R.W. Taylor, M.M., March 4th, 1876.

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