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Caldwell County Guardian Appointments 1865

 The following information has been abstracted from  County Court Order Book J, Caldwell County Clerk's Office, Princeton, Kentucky. The court order book number is followed by the page number.

Daniel Goodaker, over age 14 and heir of Lewis Goodaker dec'd, chose Haywood Mason as his guardian.  16 Jan 1865. [ J:487]

John B. McGough, over  14, chose W.W. Morse as his guardian.  16 Jan 1865. [J:487]

Sarah Ann Clift, over  14, chose David S. Stevenson as her guardian.  16 Jan 1865. [J:488]

John R. Nichols was appointed guardian of William B. Goodaker, under  14 and heir of Wm. R. Goodaker. 16 Jan 1865. [J:488]

Amanda M. Towry, over 14, chose Edward C. Towry as her guardian. 26 Jan 1865. [J:491]

Amanda M. Wadley, over 14, chose James Dunbar as her guardian. 26 Jan 1865. [J:491]

David P. Glenn, over 14 and heir of David B. Glenn, chose Lucinda V. Glenn as his guardian. Lucinda also appointed guardian of Thomas Henry Glenn & James Andrew Glenn, under age 14.  1 Feb 1865. [J:492]

Addie Pettit, over age 14 and heirs of Thomas G. and Mary Pettit dec'd, chose James A. Cook as her guardian. 13 Feb 1965. [J:493]

Jonathan W. Stevenson, over age 14, chose James J. Dorrah as his guardian. 13 Feb 1865. [J:494]

John A. Winchester, over 14, chose A.N. Maxwell as his guardian. 27 Feb 1865. [J:498]

John W. Crown and William M. Crow, both over 14, chose James M. Crow as their guardian. James M. Crow was also appointed guardian of James H. Crow, Helen M. Crow, Ann E. Crow and Lucy J. Crow, under 14 and all children of James M. Crow. 3 Mar 1865. [J:499]

Samuel G. Kilgore, over 14 and heir of John M. Kilgore dec'd, chose Robert Mackey as his guardian. Robert Mackey was also appointed guardian for Nancy J. Kilgore & John G. Kilgore, both under 14. 7 Mar 1865. [J:499]

Amanda M.C. Traylor, over 14, chose George D.E. Traylor as her guardian. 10 Mar 1865. [J:500]

Per the express wish & will of John T. Carter dec'd, Nicholas W. Egbert is appointed guardian of Carter's only child, Alice Carter, under age 14. 14 Apr 1865. [J:507]

John T. Board appointed guardian for William H. McGough and heir of John McGough dec'd. 14 Apr 1865. J:508]  John T. Board tendered resignation as guardian for Wm. H. McGough. 15 May 1865. [J:515]

Henry H. Sisk renewed bond as guardian for John H. and Jane D. Hayden. 29 Apr 1865. [J:512]

Thomas Towry, over 14, chose George R. McDowell as his guardian. 4 May 1865. [J:513]

Elizabeth L. Rowland, over 14, chose James T. Guess as his guardian. 30 May 1865. [J:518]

John G. Pettit, former guardian for Susan Pettit and George W. Pettit, minors and heirs of Thomas G. Pettit dec'd, has departed this life & they have had no guardian for 3 months past and no one applying to serve, ordered that the estate of Susan & George W. Pettit be confided to the custody of James H. Leech, Public Administrator.  5 Jun 1865. [J:519]

Pernecia F. Pettit appointed guardian for Thomas M. Pettit, who is under age 14 and heir of John G. Pettit. 5 Jun 1865. [J:519]

The estate of Richard M. Rankin, minor and heir of Thomas M. Rankin dec'd, confided to James H. Leech, Public Administrator and Guardian, Wm. S. Johnson, former guardian, having been removed. 17 Jul 1865. [J:529]

Wright Nichols appointed guardian for John A. Martin, under age 14 and heir of Benjamin Martin dec'd. 30 Aug 1865. [J:538]

Ellen E. Cole, infant orphan over age 14, made choice of B.T. Crayne as her guardian. 27 Aug 1865. [J:545]

Ewing P. Crowder, over age 14, made choice of Willis T. Crowder as his guardian. 9 Oct 1865. [J:546]

Ann Eliza Pinner, over age 14, chose William E. Harrald as her guardian. 16 Oct 1865. [J:547]

The estates of Luella Simms, Elizabeth Simms and Missouri Simms, infant children of William R. Simms dec'd, confided to James H. Leech, Public Administrator and Guardian for Caldwell County. 16 Oct 1865. [J:547]

Thomas B. Johnson appointed guardian for James T. Dollar and Martha E. Dollar, both under age 14 and heirs of Silas Dollar dec'd. 16 Oct 1865. [J:549]

Thomas S. Johnson tendered his resignation as guardian of Francis M. Stone, one of the children & heirs of Isaac K. Stone dec'd. The estate of Francis was confided to the Public Administrator and Guardian. 6 Nov 1865. [J:557]

Eliza C. Morse, over age 14, chose Mrs. Sarah Crow as her guardian. 17 Nov 1865. [J:559]

Written order of Prince A. Morrow, over age 14 and heir of Wm. Morrow, to choose W.G. Morrow as his guardian. 20 Nov 1865. [J:562]

Emma Morrow, over age 14 and heir of Wm. Morrow, chose Mary A. Morrow as her guardian. 20 Nov 1865. [J:563]

Lucy A. Bond and James M. Bond, over age 14 and heirs of W.B. Bond, chose B.J. Spratt as their guardian. Spratt also appointed guardian of Sarah F. Bond, under the age of 14. 29 Nov 1865. [J:565]

P.H. Calvert renewed his bond as guardian for his daughter Hellent A. Calvert, under 14  years. 29 Nov 1865. [J:566]

Wm. A. Harper, over 14 and heir of Robert Harper dec'd, chose James M. Harper as his guardian. 29 Nov 1865. [J:566]

Virginia Walker, over 14 years, chose Marion Hammond as her guardian. 14 Dec 1865. [J:567]

John M. McGough appointed guardian for George D. and William H. McGough, both under age 14 and heirs of John S. McGough. 18 Dec 1865. [J:568]

John Ausenbaugh, over age 14, chose Bryant N. Dawson as his guardian. 18 Dec 1865. [J:570]

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