Thursday, October 31, 2013

Never Too Old To Marry

Newspapers are full of wonderful stories. The following article is just one example. It appeared in the Evansville, Indiana Courier on Thursday, 22 February 1900 and was then reprinted in the Crittenden Press.

Met By Correspondence
Martin Gahagan of Weston, Ky. [Crittenden County], and Miss Amelia Sabin of Coldwater, Mich. were married in Evansville Wednesday. The wedding was the result of correspondence. The bride and groom never knew one another until they met in this city.
The groom is a well known and prosperous farmer of Weston. He is in his 70th year and carried himself with a degree of erectness for one of that age. He was born in Armstrong county, Pennsylvania, and came from the sturdy Pennsylvania German stock. This is his third venture in the matrimonial field and he has a family of five children, all grown.
Mrs. Amelia Sabin, the bride, is a dressmaker and gives her age at 53 years. She is a lady who bears a determined expression on her countenance. Her face is beginning to become wrinkled, while silvery locks are displacing the jet black hair of a few years ago. Her eyes are penetrating and have not lost their girlhood lustre, while her figure robed in a blue traveling suit, made her an impressive bride for one of her age. This is her second marriage.
Mr. Gahagan, who is a well known farmer, read an advertisement in a matrimonial journal several weeks ago. It read: "I am a widow." He answered the advertisement and a courtship followed. The climax was marriage.
Immediately after the ceremony, Mr. and Mrs. Gahagan left for Weston, Ky., where they will reside in the future. The marriage ceremony took place at the Victoria hotel, at the corner of Main and Eighth streets.
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