Thursday, October 10, 2013

Shelton High School - Smithland, Kentucky

I had never heard of Shelton High School in Smithland, Kentucky before I read of its incorporation in Acts of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Chapter 255, in 1869.  This high school predates Livingston Central High School, which opened in 1916, according to Livingston County, Kentucky History and Families 1796-1990.  The following deed is found in Livingston County Deed Book 7, page 488, dated 10 February 1870:

"Whereas by an Act of the General Assembly approved March 1st 1869, all right & title of the state of Kentucky in and to the property in Smithland known as Cumberland Hospital was released to the corporate authorities of the town of Smithland to be held and used for the sole and exclusive purpose of carrying on a High School in sd. Town. And whereas by another act approved Feb. 3rd 1870 incorporating Shelton High School it is enacted that upon the presentation to the corporate authorities of the Town of Smithland of a petition signed by a majority of the voters of sd. Town it shall be their duty to convey to the Trustees of Shelton High School the building in Smithland known as Cumberland Hospital together with all the lands, assets and other property belonging thereto. And whereas a petition praying the conveyance be made ... Now in consideration of the premises and $1 we W. Beverly, Police Judge, and T.C. Leech, W.M. Gray and J.S. Leffler, Trustees of the Town of Smithland, do convey unto R.A. Clopton, James M. Cade, A.A. Grayott, W.M. Gray, S.H. Piles, T.C. Leech and I.T. Handlin, Trustees of Shelton High School and their successors, a piece of ground in Smithland containing 1 acre and is part of out lot #3."

I do not know if Shelton High School ever opened and if it did, how long it was open. Sometime previous to 1836, out lot #3 was divided into three portions, with one portion being where Cumberland Hospital was located. This was the portion upon which Shelton High School was to be situated. Today Smith Funeral Home is located on part of out lot #3.

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