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Caldwell County, Kentucky Guardians 1825

At the age of 14 years, a child was allowed to chose his own guardian. The county court appointed guardians for those under the age of 14. Guardian appointments are recorded in two places in Caldwell County, Kentucky in 1825. They can be found as loose, original documents and were also recorded in the county court order books. The following entries have been transcribed from the original documents in the county clerk's office of the Caldwell County courthouse in Princeton, Kentucky.

Blake Baker was appointed guardian for Frewry Baker, heir & infant of Blake Baker dec'd.  18 July 1825

Elizabeth Baker was appointed guardian for Blake Baker, infant & heir of Freeman Baker dec'd.  18 July 1825

Joseph R. Given was chosen guardian by Susan B. Wigginton, aged 19 years 8th July 1826; Amanda Jane Wigginton, aged 17 years November 1825; Sally Ann Wigginton, aged 16 years December 1825 and Seth B. Wigginton, aged 14 years 4th December 1825.  18 October 1825

Joseph R. Given was appointed by the County Court for James Slaughter Wigginton, aged 8 years the 24th December 1824 and Marion Wigginton, aged 6 years the 25th May 1825, heirs and infants of John Wigginton dec'd.   18 October 1825.

William McCarty was appointed guardian for Henry McCarty, one of the heirs & infants of John McCarty dec'd.  21 November 1825.

Roger Tandy was appointed guardian for Harriet Tandy, heir & infant of Roger Tandy Sr. dec'd.  22 November 1825.

Roger Tandy Jr. was appointed guardian for Elizabeth Tandy, Sarah Tandy, Amelia Tandy & Henry Tandy, heirs & infants of Roger Tandy Sr. dec'd. 22 November 1825.

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