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Caldwell County Marriages (Colored) 1868

Prior to 14 February 1866, marriages between African Americans were not legal in Kentucky. Beginning on that date, couples who had lived together as husband and wife could have their marriages legalized by having their union recorded in the county clerk's office and paying a small fee. These marriages are found in Declarations of Marriages of Mullattoes and Negroes. Also, in 1866, African Americans could marry legally, if the officiate was a legally authorized person. These marriages are recorded in a separate book. The following marriage bonds have been transcribed from Caldwell County Marriage Book (Colored) 2 (1866-1875), Caldwell County Clerk's Office, Princeton, Kentucky.

John Edmunds and Sally Bennett,   4 February 1868. Surety: Ellen Pettit.

Jack Baker and Polly Stokes, 8 February 1868. Surety: Bob Stokes. Polly Stokes swears she is over the age of 21 years.

Henry Rice and Lucy Ann Byrd,  12 March 1868. Surety: Jerry Byrd. Consent 11 March 1868: "To the Clerk of the Caldwell County Court  This is to certify that I am willing for Marriage License to be issued between my Daughter Lucy Ann Byrd and Henry Rice said Lucy having no Father, and I am her mother." [signed] Lousa A. (X her mark) Byrd.

Wright Bruton and Mary E. Hughes,  14 March 1868. Surety: Dennis Hughes. Wright Bruton, being sworn, states each of them are over the age of 21 years.

Charles H. Hunter and Mary M. Harris, 9 April 1868. Surety: Jno. W. Blankenship. Charles Hunter states he is over 21. Consent 9 April 1868 by Mary Maria Harris for herself and Charles H. Hunter, she being over the age of 21 years.

William Fentis and Ann Baker,  6 June 1868. Surety: Wiley Baker. Consent by Ann Baker.

Clark Wilson and Permelia Rice,  6 June 1868. Surety: Calip Rice. Clark Wilson swears he is over 21.

Melton Wylie and Alecina Haynes,  9 June 1868. Surety: James S. Wylie. Consent for daughter Alecina by Adaline Haynes.

William Kevil and Rosetta Hollowell,  23 July 1868. Surety: Sam Parker. Kevil swears he is over 21.

Henry Miller and Mary Rucker,  9 August 1868. Surety: Jas. Wadlington.

Benjamin Ricketts and Nancy Ann Boyd,  15 August 1868. Surety: Bob Stokes.

Chesterfield Hughes and Mildred McGoodwin,  22 August 1868. Surety: Eli Hughes. Mildred swears she is over the age of 21 years.

Abram Wilson and Sarah E. Miller,  10 September 1868. Surety: Milt Wylie.

Wm. Machan and Lena Rice,  13 September 1868. Surety: Calip Rice.

Brandy Crumbaugh and Eliza J. Mitchusson, 24 October 1868. Surety: Jacob Mitchusson.

John Tyler and Jennet Waddill,  6 November 1868. Surety: Henry Stokes. Consent by Jennet, who swears she is over 21.

John Crider and Margaret Dobson,  13 December 1868. Surety: Milt Wylie.

Henry Perry and Mary Pool,  26 December 1868. Surety: Jack Quisenberry. Consent: "Mary Pool about 45 years of age, now in employment of L.B. Sims says she is willing to marry Henry Perry."

Daniel C. Hollowell and America Parker,  26 December 1868. Surety: Clark Mitchell. Daniel C. Hollowell states he is over 21. Clark Mitchell states he is father (brother?) of America Parker and she is over 21.

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