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Livingston County Guardian Bonds 1866

A guardian was appointed when a person was unable to act for himself or was under the age of 21 years. At the age of 14, a minor could choose his own guardian. If under the age of 14, the county court appointed the guardian.  The following information has been abstracted from Livingston County, Kentucky Guardian Bonds Book C (1863-1878) and Livingston County Court Order Book M.

Thomas J. Mitchell and Phillip S. Mitchell chose Henry Mitchell as their guardian. Henry Mitchell was appointed guardian of Elbert P. Mitchell, Doctor W. Mitchell and Collin A. Mitchell, all under the age of 14.  1 January 1866

Davis Donakey, infant heir of W.D. Donakey, chose Abram Peck as his guardian.  5 March 1866

Caroline P. Rutter and William H. Rutter chose James Rutter as their guardian. The court appointed James Rutter the guardian Edmund Rutter, J.E.C. Rutter and Charles Rutter. All were the infant orphans of J.O. Rutter.  2 April 1866

J.T. Cochran was appointed guardian of John A. Hurley.  2 April 1866

Olive Morrison and J.H. Morrison chose Mrs. E.E. Morrison as there guardian. The court appointed Mrs. E.E. Morrison as the guardian of Edward Morrison. 2 April 1866

C. Haynes was appointed guardian of William H. Hodges, infant heir of Joseph E. Hodges. 4 September 1866

Irene Peterson, infant heir of C.S. Peterson, chose T.F. Gibson as her guardian. 4 October 1866

Ella Matilda Lantrip chose William Lantrip as her guardian. 5 November 1866

Samuel M. Leeper chose T.A. Leeper as his guardian. 5 November 1866

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