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Carrsville Masonic Lodge, No. 387 - Livingston County

Carrsville Masonic Lodge, No. 387, met at Carrsville, Livingston County, Kentucky on the Thursday after the full moon in each month. The following listing comes from Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Kentucky, 1867 as accessed on Google Books.

Joseph C. Tolley, Master
David W. Owen, Senior Warden
Webb Owen, Junior Warden
Rich L. Threlkeld, Treasurer
Jas. Newton Clemens, Secretary
S. Paris Weldon, Senior Deacon
Jas. H. Terry, Junior Deacon
David J. Ellington, Steward and Tyler

PAST MASTERS - James Cox Barnett, William H. Crawford, Joseph C. Tolley
MASTER MASONS - George W. Adams, Joseph H. Ainsworth, Francis U. Clemens, Jas. T. Davis, James M. Griffith, Thos. E. Griffith, James W. Kidd, Leroy Morris, Robt. H. May, James S. McMurray, Nathan A. Ray, Jas. R. Stallions, H.C. Sherman, Rev. C.W. Threlkeld, Wm. Thompson, Geo. M. Tolley, Wm. T. Terry, James H. Terry, Isaac Trimble, Foster Calvin, Harvey Briggs, Rev. Wm. S. Davis, A.D. Vick
FELLOW CRAFTS - Walter Pinkney Clemens, Henry Ramage
ENTERED APPRENTICES - Rufus Baynes, Rev. J.T. Crouts, T.A. Hammond, John Ray, Oscar Given Evertson

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