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Gore Cemetery - Caldwell County, Kentucky

Recently I came across this cemetery recording given to me by my friend, Scarlett McDonald, before her death in 1994. She noted that the cemetery is located in the middle of a field on Dry Fork Creek, across the creek from the Holland Cemetery, near Eddy Creek Baptist Church in Caldwell County, Kentucky. The cemetery is fenced. The cemetery was recorded in the spring of 1990 and the information is from the stones still standing and other sources. There are several unmarked graves. The recording is presented exactly as Scarlett sent it. It appears the added info is in parenthesis.

Lucy (Gore) Shaw
b. 1884   d. 1961

Thomas S. Gore
b. 11-7-1840 (or 1848)  d. 4-12-1900
Mary Agnes (Bishop) Gore  [wife]
b. 1848   d. 1917

John B. Gore
b. 4-13-1828   d. 1-20-1872
Nancy (Bishop) Gore  [wife]
b. 12-18-1829    d. 12-21-1872

James H. Pollard
b. 1833   d. 1924
Lucy A. (Baker) Pollard
b. 1840   d. 1868

Wm. B. Pollard
b. 1866   d. 1963
Harriott "Hattie" Elizabeth (Gore) Pollard
b. 1870   d. 1951

Pollard Triplets (children of Hattie)
Willie, Alton, & Alice
b. & d, 1906

Lena Pollard
b. 1898   d. 1898   (no dates on marker)

Hattie Laverne Pollard
b. 8-13-1919    d. 2-22-1927

Clarence E. Gore
b. 1873   d. 1939

Thomas Givens Gore
Son of T.S. & M.A. Gore
b. 8-9-1879   d. 7-8-1901

Ron B. Pollard
b. 12-9-1903   d. 12-10-1918

Myrtle Pollard
b. 1901   d. 1905   (no dates on marker)

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