Friday, October 14, 2016

Mapleview Cemetery

By 1891, the old Marion Cemetery in Crittenden County, Kentucky was crowded and more space was needed for a graveyard.   There would have to be room for  expansion in the new cemetery and it should be close, but not too close, to town. Two locations were proposed - west of Marion and another north of Marion.

The Crittenden Press reported the following in the 9 March 1893 issue:
" Settled at Last.  For a couple of years the people of Marion have been talking about a new cemetery. After dragging along, the matter was finally settled Monday. A number of citizens visited two places - one north of town on J.P. Pierce's land and the other west on John Lamb's land. The site west of town was chosen by vote."

Burials began not long thereafter and continue today. Many beautiful and unusual tombstones mark the graves of former residents. Among the early tombstones is that of John Lamb, who was the owner of the land where Mapleview Cemetery was established. Below are just a few of the beautiful tombstones at Mapleview Cemetery.


Jennie Clark

Mapleview Cemetery


Robert Moore Wheeler



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