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Crittenden County, Kentucky Guardians 1865

The intention of the law regarding guardians was to protect the rights of children who were orphans or not old enough to care for their own business. If an underage child inherited property, a guardian was often appointed to protect his interests. A guardian might also be appointed to represent the child in a law suit (guardian ad litem). At the age of 14 years, a child was allowed to choose his own guardian, but with the county court’s approval. If under age 14, the county court had the responsibility of appointing the guardian for the child. The following entries have been abstracted from County Court Order Book 3 (1861-1868), Crittenden County Clerk’s Office, Marion, Kentucky. The letter and numbers at the end of the entries refers to the County Court Order Book and page number.For example, 3/199 refers to Order Book 3, page 199.

P.C. Barnett was appointed guardian for Wm. T. Threlkeld, John Duncan Threlkeld, Richard Gordon Threlkeld, Lucy Ellen Threlkeld, infants and heirs of W.N. Threlkeld dec'd, the first named being over the age of 14.  9 Jan 1865. [3/199]

Robt. A. Dowell was appointed guardian for Cynthia Garrison and James Garrison, infants of J.S. Garrison dec'd, being over the age of 14. 9 Jan 1865. [3/200]

P.M. Sisco was appointed guardian for Mary Chadwick, infant.  13 Feb 1865.  [3/205]

H.W. Stewart was appointed guardian for Nancy M. Stone, a minor.  13 Feb 1865  [3/205]

J.B. Franks was appointed guardian for Wm. Kimsey, Ellen Kimsey, Jesse Kimsey, infant and heirs of D.W. Kimsey dec'd.  3 Mar 1865.  [3/211]

John McConnel appointed guardian for Sarah McDowell, John McDowell and Daniel McDowell, infants of Daniel McDowell dec'd.  13 Mar 1865.  [3/213]

S.S. Matthews was appointed guardian for Rebecca Julia Matthews, infant heir of Z.C. Matthews dec'd.  13 Mar 1865.  [3/213]

J.A. Yandell was appointed guardian for J.N. Matthews, infant heir of Z.C. Matthews.  13 Mar 1865.  [3/214]

W.J. Cain, who is over the age of 14, made choice of Allen Walker as his guardian. 16 Mar 1865.  [3/215]

John C. Akers and F.B. Akers, infants of Claborn Akers dec'd, made choice of Mrs. Pernecia A. Davis as their guardian.  16 Mar 1865.  [3/215]

Joseph A. Deboe was appointed guardian for Philip H. Deboe, Alexander A. Deboe, Dicy J. Deboe and Sarah A. Deboe, the first three being over the age of 14.  25 Mar 1865.  [3/216]

John A. Carter filed evidence of his appointment as guardian for Elisabeth Tally in the county court of Pope County, Illinois.  10 Apr 1865.  [3/218]

George B. Bush was appointed guardian for James Bussell, infant heir of Silas Bussell dec'd, who made the appointment in his last Will and Testament.[1] 18 Apr 1865. [3/224]

Elizabeth Carmical was appointed guardian for Margaret Elizabeth Watson, infant and heir of Aaron Watson dec'd.  15 Jun 1865.  [3/238]

S. Hodge was appointed guardian ad litem for Wm. H. Pulley and R.N. Pully, infant defendants in a case of M.J. Pulley against M.J. Pulley Heirs & Creditors, defendants. 11 Sep 1865.  [3/250]

R.F. Haynes was appointed guardian ad litem for Juliett E. Marvel, John R. Marvel and Leonidas Marvel, infant defendants in a case of John McKinley against S. Marvel &c. 11 Sep 1865.  [3/251]

W.K. Brown was appointed guardian for Prissa Jane Brown, Sandford Duncan Brown, Joseph M. Brown, Margaret M. Brown, John C. Brown and Daniel J. Brown, infant heirs of sd. W.K. Brown.  11 Sep 1865.  [3/252]

Gillis Susan McElroy, being over age 14, made choice of John Crown as her guardian. 19 Oct 1865.  [3/265]

Elizabeth McMican chosen as guardian for James C.B. McMican, who is over age 14 and the infant heir of J.J. McMican dec'd.  22 Nov 1865.  [3/266]

W.J. Myers appointed guardian for Marietta Winders and Susan Adaline Winders, infants and  heirs of Richard Winders dec'd.  22 Nov 1865.  [3/266]

William Clark was appointed guardian for Nancy J. Tosh and Lauretta Tosh, infant heirs of Samuel Tosh dec'd.  11 Dec 1865.  [3/270]

Martin Hall was appointed guardian for Louisa Jane Rushing and Ellen J. Rushing, infant heirs of T.B. Rushing dec'd.  11 Dec 1865.  [3/273]

[1] Will of Silas Bussell, Crittenden County, Kentucky Will Book 1, p. 94, dated 8 Aug 1863 and recorded 1 October 1863.

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