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George H. Croft and Polina Jane Riley

Feb. 25, 1846
Jan. 19, 1913
A loving husband  A Father dear
A faithful friend Lies buried here

Wife of
G.H. Croft
Born Jan. 5, 1848
A tender mother a Faithful friend

Buried Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Crittenden County. Tombstones photographed 8 May 2017.

According to his death certificate[1], George H. Croft was born 15 November 1847 to Hulet Croft and Polly Gibson, both born in Kentucky.  George H. Croft was married at the time of his death.

Jane Croft, wife of G.H. Croft died 31 December 1928 in Crittenden County.[2] Her father is listed as Ruben Riley, born Tennessee.  Written in a different hand, her mother's maiden name is given as Northcut, born Tennessee.  Jane Croft is listed as a widow at the time of her death. In various records, her given name is shown as Polina, Paulina or Perlina.

G.H. Croft and P.J. Croft are first listed together on the 1870 Crittenden County census. At that time they had two children, M.C., a three year old female, and N.A., a one year old male. If they had no children born to them before M.C. circa 1866,  the parents likely married about 1864/1865. A search was made in Crittenden, Livingston  County, Kentucky and Pope County, Illinois marriage records and no such record was found. It is possible they married in Hardin County, Illinois, but marriage records there prior to 1884 have been lost due to a fire. It is also possible they married in Crittenden County, but the record was not returned to the courthouse.

This is another case where I am related - although distantly - to both parties. Reubin Riley was  my great-great grandfather. My mother's maiden name was Croft, which makes us related to almost everyone in Crittenden County and half the people in  Livingston County. On the 1850 Crittenden County census, Hulett Croft, father of George H. Croft, and family were living three doors from my ancestor, Logan Croft. I will let you figure out their relationship as it makes me dizzy when I try.

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[2] Kentucky Death Certificate #29872,, accessed 28 June 2017.

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