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Caldwell County, Kentucky Guardians 1861

A guardian was appointed when a person was unable to act for himself or was a minor (under the age of 21 years). At the age of 14, a minor could choose his own guardian. If under the age of 14, the county court appointed the guardian.  The following records were transcribed from Court Order Book J, located in the Caldwell County Clerk's Office, Princeton, Kentucky.  The sources are listed at the end of each entry. For example, J:177 refers to County Court Order Book J, page 177.

L.J. Cartwright was appointed guardian for William H. Price, infant heir of Hiram and Nancy Prince, 7 Jan 1861. [J:177]

Elizabeth Dixon, over age 14, chose William Jones as her guardian 9 Jan 1861. [J:179]

J.M. Stephens, over age 14, chose William Jones as his guardian 9 Jan 1861. [J:179]

H.M. McElroy was appointed guardian of Josephine and James Glenn, infant  heirs of James Glenn dec'd, 18 Feb 1861. [J:188]

Margaret Hollowell, over age 14, chose T.A. Lowey as her guardian 18 Mar 1861. [J:194]

William H. Miller was removed as guardian of Adeline Pettit and Susan Pettit, infant heirs of Thos. G. and Mary Pettit dec'd, on account of his failing to make settlement as guardian. John G. Pettit was chosen by Adeline and Susan Pettit, over age 14, as their guardian 24 Jun 1861. [J:216]

Richard A. Rogers, over age 14, chose James H. Jones as his guardian 19 Aug 1861. [J:227]

A.E. Jacobs was chosen by Frederick Jacobs, over age 14, as his guardian 16 Sep 1861. [J:234]

Martha E. Hooker, over age 14 and infant heir of D.F. Hooker dec'd, chose John H. Wigginton as her guardian 26 Nov 1861. [J:248]

H.C. Haydon was appointed guardian of Sarah E.V. Robertson 16 Dec 1861. [J:250]

Thomas B. Johnson was appointed guardian of William J. Hooker, infant heir of D.F. Hooker dec'd, (Mrs. C.E. Hooker, his mother, being present and declining to be appointed guardian) 16 Dec 1861. J:250]

Mrs. E.J. Guess was appointed guardian of Charles W. Guess, infant heir of Alfred Guess dec'd 16 Dec 1861. [J:250]

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