Thursday, February 1, 2018

Tombstone Tuesday - Update on Thomas Henry

Work continues on repairing tombstones in the historic Smithland Cemetery, in Livingston County, Kentucky. Monuments that were on the ground just a short time ago have been repaired and placed upright so they, once again, stand proud, marking the final resting places of many of Smithland's early settlers. 

The tombstone of Thomas Henry is an example of the work being done:

 Tombstone as recorded in 2010. The epitaph could not be read.

The tombstone as recorded in 2018.

Thomas Henry
May 18th 1846
Aged 64 years

When worn by slowly  Rolling years Or broken by sickness in a day,
the fading Glory disappears the Short lived beauties Dies Away.[1]

When the tombstone was first read in 2009, the age appeared to be "Aged  61 years", but with  the tombstone  now upright, it can be seen that it actually reads "Aged 64 years."

More work on the tombstones is needed, especially on the beautiful H.F. Given tomb, which was erected in 1860. You can help with the restoration of these monuments by submitting your tax deductible donation  to Smithland Cemetery Fund, Smithland City Hall, 310 Wilson Ave, PO Box 287, Smithland, Kentucky 42081. For more information, contact David Boswell, Smithland Cemetery Citizens Advisory Committee, 270-928-4495.

[1] Taken from  Hymn 205 of the Book of Common Prayer and Administration of the Sacraments of the Episcopal Church.

Published 1 February 2018, Western Kentucky Genealogy Blog,

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