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Crittenden County, Kentucky County Officials 1902

The local newspaper of Crittenden County, Kentucky, provides information on the of county officials who were elected in November 1901 and took office in January 1902.[1] The retiring officers were J.G. Rochester, County Judge; D. Woods, County Clerk; John T. Pickens, Sheriff; J.F. Canada, Assessor; Miss Mina Wheeler, Superintendant of Schools; A.S. Hard, Jailer; and J.B. Kevil, County Attorney.  The new officers, elected for a term of four years, were all Republicans. They were as follows:

County Judge Aaron Towery was born in Crittenden County Dec. 29th, 1849. He attended county schools until 18 years of age and then entered the Academy at Providence. He attended Princeton College and graduated in 1871. He served as county surveyor for 16 years.

County Attorney Carl Henderson has been a resident of Marion some three years, and has acquired a lucrative practice as a lawyer. He was born in Grayson County, Ky. in 1869. He removed to Webster  County and was engaged in the railroad business at Blackford for eight years. He studied law in a private office and then entered a law college at Bowling Green where he was graduated and admitted to the bar.

Mr. C.E. Weldon, the new County Clerk, was born in Livingston County in 1873. He removed to this county while a boy. He attended school in this county and graduated at a business college at Lebanon, Ohio. Was united in marriage with Miss Willie M. Stone in 1895.

Miss Mina Wheeler, for the past eight years County Superintendent of Schools, retired from the office Monday and Mr. John B. Paris succeeded her. Mr. Paris is 32 years of age and was born in this county. He began teaching when only 17 years of age and has been constantly engaged in that work. In 1896 he married Miss Luella Miller of Livingston County. In 1897 he was the Republican nominee for Supt. of Schools, but was defeated by Miss Wheeler.

Mr. James Watts Lamb, the new sheriff, is the youngest county official. He was born in Crittenden County 26 years ago. He is a son of Mr. J. Wesley Lamb, of Bells Mines. He attended the county schools. In 1897, he entered the High School of this city and was graduated with honors in 1899. He taught school two years. Mr. Lamb was the Republican nomination for sheriff after a hard fight. He was the leading candidate on the Republican ticket, receiving the largest vote.

Mr. George T. Belt, the new Assessor, is a prominent and prosperous farmer of Sheridan. He was born in this county Aug. 15th, 1863 and has always resided in Crittenden. In 1888 he was united in marriage with Miss Anna Weldon, daughter of Mr. W.E. Weldon. He is an influential member of the Baptist church.

Mr. Albert Travis, who succeeds Mr. A.S. Hard as jailer, is a most friendly and accommodating gentleman. He has been a resident of this county all his life and until elected had been engaged in farming.

[1] "New Officials," Crittenden Press, 9 Jan 1902, Vol. 23, p. 2.

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