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Crittenden County Guardian Bonds 1867

The intention of the law regarding guardians was to protect the rights of children who were orphans or not old enough to care for their own business. If an underage child inherited property, a guardian was usually appointed to protect his interests. A guardian might also be appointed to represent the child in a law suit (guardian ad litem). At the age of 14 years, a child was allowed to choose his own guardian, but with the county court’s approval. If under age 14, the county court had the responsibility of appointing the guardian for the child. To guarantee the faithful performance of his duties, the guardian and his surety signed a bond. The following entries have been abstracted from Guardian Bond Book 1853-1871 as well as County Court Order Book 3 (1861-1868), Crittenden County Clerk’s Office, Marion, Kentucky. The letter and numbers at the end of the entries refers to the County Court Order Book and page number. For example, 3/349 refers to Order Book 3, page 349.

James M. Swansey, over age 14, chose G.S. James as his guardian 14 Jan 1867. Surety: B.S. James  (3/349)

John P. Reed was appointed guardian of Ida May Reed, infant & heir of H.S. Reed dec'd 11 Mar 1867. Surety: A.W. Reed.  (3/355)

H.L. Leigh was appointed guardian of Henry Holmes 11 Mar 1867. Sureties: D. Bourland, M.G. Gilbert, U.G. Witherspoon, J.J. Hughes, James F. Flanary, Alfred Moore, W.T. Mayes. (3/356)

Wm. McMican appointed guardian ad litem for infant heirs of J.J. Mican dec'd 11 Mar 1867. (3/356) Not listed in guardian bond book and no surety listed.

T.J. Yandell was appointed guardian of Mary E. Armstrong, Wm. L. Armstrong & Annette Armstrong, minors of J.R. Armstrong dec'd 7 May 1867. Surety: D.N. Stinson. (3/364)

P.C. Stephens was appointed guardian of Marietta Bristow, infant of John Bristow dec'd 10 Jun 1867. Surety: Chapel Nunn. (3/370)

J.N. Woods was appointed guardian of John F. Howlin 11 Jun 1867. Surety: T.L.R. Wilson. (3/371)

Huston Branom was appointed guardian of Mary A. Bird 18 Jun 1867. Surety: Columbus Branom. (3/387)

J.M. Little was appointed guardian of Elizabeth Anglin Little and  John Little, heirs of Mary R. Little, 7 Sep 1867. Sureties: George H. Towery, Jas. Wilson, W.H. Brantley. (3/388)

M.E. Armstrong was appointed g uardian of Malinda Armstrong, Sarah T. Armstrong & Jas. Ella Armstrong, heirs of Alfred Armstrong, 10 Sep 1867. No surety listed. (3/388)

F.M. Wood was appointed guardian of Welly Ann Barnett, under age 14 and inant heir of Henry Barnett dec'd, 14 Oct 1867. Sureties: T.A. Kemp & A. Rankin. (3/392)

Junetta A. Stephens, over age 14, chose F.A. Mundt as her guardian. Mundt was also appointed guardian for the following children under the age of 14: Frances S. Stephens, Julia B. Stephens & Sarah J. Stephens, all children of Thos. N. Stephens dec'd, 14 Oct 1867. Sureties: G.S. Boaz, A. Koon. (3/392)

James W. Champion was appointed guardian of D.E. Gilliland, infant of Thos. Gilliland & the mother giving consent, 14 Oct 1867. Surety: K.P. Larue. (3/393)

J.R. Hughes was appointed guardian of Rossie Hughes & Mary Hughes 9 Dec 1867. Sureties: F.M. Clement, I.N. Clement. (3/411)

W.C. Puckett was chosen guardian by his heir, Permelia Puckett, who is over the age of 14, 9 Dec 1867. Surety: Elisha Conger. (3/411)

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