Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Declarations of Marriage 1867 - 1873 - Lyon County, Kentucky

Beginning in 1866, African American couples could register their marriages in the county clerk’s office by listing their names, the number of years they had lived together as man and wife and by paying a fee to have the marriage registered. It is unlikely that all marriages were recorded due to the cost. The following are abstracted from Lyon County Declarations of Marriages 1866-1873. Declarations of Marriages for 1866 appeared in Vol. VII, No. 3 of the Western Kentucky Journal.

Ross Brannon and Eveline Brannon (no date) lived together 2 months.

Stephen Quirey and Martha Flood marriage registered 24 Mar 1867. Lived together 17 years.

William Stamp and E. Stamp marriage registered 27 Mar 1867. Lived together 23 years.

Robert Tinsley and Celia Ann Tinsley marriage registered 29 May 1867. Lived together 16 years.

Wm. F. Glover and Harriet A. Glover marriage registered 30 Jun 1867. Lived together 1 year.

Anderson Smith and Elizabeth Smith marriage registered 8 Aug 1867. Lived together 19 years.

Henry Garrett and Sina Garrett marriage registered 24 Nov 1867. Lived together 4 years.

John Robertson and Josephine Robertson marriage registered 24 Mar 1868. Lived together 3 years.

Henry Halleck and Mary Halleck marriage registered 30 Mar 1868. Lived together 8 years.

Isaac Thompson and Caroline Thompson marriage registered 23 Jul 1869. Lived together 30 years.

Thomas Lon and Caroline Lon marriage registered 10 Sep 1870. Lived together 20 years.

Lewis Jackson and Georgeann Jackson marriage registered 12 Nov 1870. Lived together 11 years.

Al Evins and Sophiah Evins marriage registered 12 Nov 1870. Lived together 12 years.

Cato Blue and Peggy Blue marriage registered 4 Feb 1871. Lived together 20 years.

Presley Goughney and Matilda Goughney marriage registered 19 Nov 1871. Lived together 4 years.

William Hicks and Lucinda Hicks marriage registered 31 May 1873. Lived together 14 years.

Mike Edmunds and Patsy Edmunds marriage registered 31 May 1873. Lived together 14 years.

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