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Crittenden County, Kentucky County Officials 1917

Newspapers are a wonderful source of genealogical information. If your ancestor married, moved away, returned to visit the hometown, died, was buried, robbed a bank, received a pension, had a barn or house destroyed by fire, left a lady at the altar or served as a public official, he is sure to have been mentioned in the local newspaper. For the purposes of this blog, only sketches of some Crittenden County public officals are presented. These sketches appeared in the 10 January and 18 January 1917 issues of the Crittenden Press, which was published weekly at Marion, Kentucky. Copies of the Crittenden County newspapers beginning in 1878 are on microfilm at the Crittenden County Public Library in Marion. Not all years have complete issues.

John Alexander Moore
County Attorney

John Alexander Moore is the 4th son of Judge James Anderson Moore and Mrs. Moore and is in his 46th year. He was born and reared in this county and has lived in the county and the city of Marion all his life except a short interim when he was in business in an adjoining county. He has practiced law since he attained manhood, and was County Attorney four years ago, having been succeeded by his predecessor, Trice A. Bennett. Mr. Moore’s wife was Miss Willie Haynes, 2nd daughter of the late Wm. Duke Haynes, and a grand daughter of Nathan R. Black, an eminent jurist in his day. They have six children, four sons, Wm. Owen, the oldest son, now being with the U.S. army in the Engineer’s Headquarters at Camp Shelby, Hattiesburg, Miss. The three younger sons are Harry, Alfred and James Edward. Misses Evalyn and Dorothy are the daughters.
Mr. Moore and his interesting family are Methodists and may always be found at their posts in all church and Sunday School work. Mr. Moore belongs to a large and prominent family, having four brothers; the oldest A.C. Moore, is one of the State’s most successful attorneys; D.B. Moore, a popular salesman in Stone’s store; R.E. Moore, the hardware merchant, banker and councilman, of Madisonville; and Charles A. Moore, for many years in the Government service at Owensboro, is the youngest. His sisters are Mrs. Cook, wife of Levi Cook, jeweler and councilman of this city, and Ms. Bacon, wife of Merriweather E. Bacon, a gifted writer and newspaperman of Hopkinsville.

James L.F. Paris
Superintendent of Schools

Our new County Superintendent of schools, James Louis Franklin Paris, was born Oct. 23, 1877 on the farm where he now lives and has lived all his life. He is the son of the late Lewis H. Paris and is a grandson of the Rev. Paul L.H. Walker. His parents are both dead.

Mr. Paris’ wife was Miss Cora James, daughter of Dr. H.A. James and they have an interesting family of five children, Jamie, 15 years old, Ruth 13, Gladys 10, Christine and Evalyn 3. They will move to Marion next fall in order to give the children the advantages of the Marion Graded and High School.

Supt. Paris belongs to a large family, having 3 brothers and 3 sisters. His brothers are Rev. Hosea Paris, Paul I. Paris and Charles Paris, the latter of Woodville, Miss. The three sisters are Mrs. Ellen Conger, Mrs. Carrie Hill and Miss Linnie Paris. Mr. Paris is a member of the 2nd Baptist Church of this city and is superintendent of the Sunday School at that church.

Herschel O. Franklin

Herschel O. Franklin of North Crittenden has announced his candidacy for the office of Assessor of Crittenden County. Mr. Franklin is well known in most parts of the county and is a young man of pleasing personality and high ideals. He is a perfect gentleman in every sense of the word and has a wide circle of friends. Mr. Franklin has been teaching for some time and has always taken an active part in Church and Sunday School. He is thoroughly qualified to fill the office to which he aspires and solicits the support of the voters of the county at the Republican Primary election Saturday, August. 4.

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