Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Research Clues Found in Deeds

In the 24 October 2007 issue of this blog, we talked about "Using Deeds in Genealogical Research." Below are examples of the treasures to be found in deed books.

From Caldwell County, Kentucky Deed Book P, page 454 we find the following: On the 8th of November 1851, a division of property was made between Melinda Snelling, widow of William Snelling deceased; Wm. G. Groom and his wife Martha Ann, whose maiden name was Snelling; James S. Snelling; R.P. Snelling; Eliza J. Snelling; A.C.L. Shropshire and his wife Editha, whose maiden name was Snelling; Mary Maria Snelling and R.P. Snelling, guardian for William W. Snelling, Virginia Catharine Snelling and Altha Drusilla Snelling, infant orphans of William Snelling deceased, and all being heirs at law of said William Snelling deceased, of the first part, and James B. Groom, one of the administrators of William Snelling deceased, of the other part. The parties of the first part were about to remove from Caldwell County, Kentucky, their present place of residence, and take with them the Negroes of the decedent to another state. The names of the Negroes were Jarrott, a man about 50 years of age; Luna, a woman about 40 or 45 years of age; Julia Ann, about 25 or 30 years old; Charles Henry, about age 12; John, about age 6; Sarah, about age 6 or 7 years old; Eugenia, about 2 years old, of the value of $1500 per the appraisement filed and recorded.

There are all sorts of clues in this deed:
1. William Snelling died prior to 8 November 1851.
2. James B. Groom was one of the administrators of William Snelling’s estate.
3. William Snelling left a widow, Melinda Snelling.
4. The names of heirs of William Snelling deceased are listed.
5. At least some of William Snelling’s heirs were married and their names are given.
6. The heirs currently live in Caldwell County.
7. Names of the heirs who were under age 21 and the name of their guardian.
8. Some of the people were preparing to move out of Kentucky.
9. William Snelling owned slaves, whose names, ages and value are listed.
10. The chances are the people moving were going to a state which allowed slaves or if going to a free state, they may have been planning to free the slaves.

The next document also was created as the result of a death and contains many clues.

The following is found in Crittenden County, Kentucky Deed Book R, pages 499-500: Indenture made April 14th 1883 between T.A. Love and his wife Alma Love; J.W. Love and C.W. Love, children & heirs at law of Andrew Love Dec’d, of the first part and R.W. Wilson of the second part, all of Crittenden County. T.A. Love, J.W. Love and C.W. Love, together with Mrs. Nellie Love, now deceased & who was the widow of the said Andrew Love dec’d, were made legatees in the last Will & Testament of Andrew Love dec’d and in so doing required them to pay all claims against the estate of Andrew Love. R.W. Wilson, being the owner & holder of claims arising out of contracts made by Andrew Love during his lifetime, amounting to $720.58, in order to pay said amount & the notes and accounts etc. being delivered to the party of the first part by the second party, the party of the first part hereby sells and conveys unto the second party his heirs and assigns all that parcel of land lying & being in Crittenden County on the waters of Deer Creek and known as the old Homestead of Andrew Love, containing 250 acres, being bounded on the South by the lands of E.B. Moore, on the West by the old place where Alex Coleman lived & died, on the North by the old place known as the Tom Moore place, on the South [sic] by the Dick Flanary (now Bruce) place.

How many clues do you find in this deed? What are they? I'll post the clues I see within a couple of days.

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Bothell130 said...

Hello - I am interested by your blog as I am a descendent of a branch of the Groom family that moved to Caldwell Co around 1816/1817, and eventually settled in Princeton KY.

James Littleton Biven Groom married an Elizabeth Ellen Snelling on 29 May 1845. One of his elder brothers was William Garland Groom (b. 25 dec 1809-Louisa Co, KY, d. 1 Jul 1883-Caldwell Co, KY) - I believe he is the William G. Groom in the document.

Elsewhere you also list a J.B. Groom as having taken on apprenticeships of two blacks in 1867. James L.B. Groom had a son,
James Bibb Groom (b. 5 Apt 1860-Caldwell Co, KY), who was my great grandfather. The dates do not work to be the J.B. Groom or the James B. Groom in these documents, but perhaps they refer to James L. B. Groom??

I do not have the records of the children of my great great grandfather's siblings, so perhaps the James B. Groom is someone other relation, but clearly the family is the same - given the connections with the Snellings.